Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Preggernancy

So I am almost 14 weeks along.  Whew!  The first trimester brought with it:
-Extreme nausea
-Ahem..digestion issues
-Chronic stuffy nose
-Sore muscles
-Limp hair
-Severe headaches
-Extreme thirst
-Food aversions
-An expanding waistline

HOWEVER....today we got to see our baby up on a screen :)  The perfect little head, the curve of the back, the tiny face.  Just as we were staring at our little creation, he stood up straight, raised his head, and pumped his little fist into the air.  Definitely a McCall and Jack baby :)  Hmmm...notice I used "him".  Maybeit is a boy?  Either way, we are thrilled.  I now have the motivation I need to continue into the second trimester and we are totally in love with baby.

Monday, November 22, 2010

The News

 Jack and I are expecting!!  I'm about 11 weeks along and we are due in June :)  We hadn't planned on having a baby this soon in the marriage (we though five years sounded about right ha ha), but in October when it came time to go pick up another Nuva Ring I was hesitant for some reason.  So I put it off a day...and another day... and on the third day when Jack brought it up I burst into tears.  So some conversation and a blessing later, we decided to forego the birth control.  The very next month we were staring at a pregnancy test with a big, fat YES on it.  Whew! 
  It has been a rough 11 weeks.  I've never been so sick for so long!  Jack has been the most wonderful husband in the world.  The second week I ended up in the hospital with dehydration from throwing up and had to lay in a bed hooked to IVs.  He sat with me for three hours and read The Hunger Games the whole time aloud to me.  Since then, I've lost about 13 pounds since pretty much all I can eat is Rice Krispy cereal and some fruits.  Jack cleans the house, takes Tucker out, and brings me whatever I need.  Love him :)  the beautiful blessings from him help so much and I am finally starting to eat some normal food again the past couple of days and get out a bit.  We have had sooo much support from family, especially Carol, who calls to check in every day and see how I'm feeling and what she can do.
  We couldn't be more excited or feel more blessed.  We love talking incessantly about what the baby will look like and how we will parent.  This Thanksgiving week I can confidently say that I have never felt more blessed or thankful in my entire life.  I'm so so so thankful for Jack and the priesthood he holds, for both of our families, and for this tiny spirit that will soon be a part of our family. 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Infamous Time Capsule

Let me tell you a little story.  This is a story about 5 best friends named Lisa, Clar, McCall, Kassi, and Tasha. *click on the pictures to enlarge

One day when these girls were 18 they decided it would be pretty cool to make a time capsule.  They each made up a little package filled with written memories, pictures, secrets, letters, and odds and ends.  The girls decided they would put the packages in a big box and bury it on Clar's dad's property in New Harmony (just south of Cedar City), and that they would open the box when all 5 of the girls were married.  It took several hours to dig a hole big enough for the box, and the girls celebrated with dinner after.
     The girls talked about their time capsule often and how funny it would be when the time came to open it.  One by one they got married.  First Clar in Feb 2007, Lisa in March of 07 and Kass in October of 07.  3  years later, Tasha and McCall were both married in Jan of 2010.  By this time Lisa had moved to Texas and had a baby, so the girls waited until she was in town that summer to dig up their treasure. 
 They had so much fun on the drive to New Harmony, catching up and laughing about their box

They found the spot pretty easily and climbed over the fence to the big bump in the ground

and by the time they started digging, were super excited to see what they would find.
   They dug.....and dug..... and dug.....

This wasn't easy because all of the girls wore flip flops :) silly girls

Tasha got a sticker

They weren't finding much in their digging and started to get worried, but came upon the tupperware lid to the container Clar used!

With renewed enthusiasm they dug all the way to the bottom of the box

There was nothing else there.  Someone had discovered our time capsule and taken everything out.

Clar called her Dad who told her that the property had been sold the year before. Lisa expressed our disappointment perfectly in this photo :)

The girls were so so sad and angry

but had enjoyed their time together and vowed to make another time capsule that they would open ten years down the road

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


 I have an overload of honeymoon pics. We had a fantastic time in Florida :)

Here is our Honeymoone suite at the Grand America on our wedding night :)
Of course we had to order room service! Filet Mignon for babe and a BLT for me (I have expensive taste...)
Lorna packed us a box of the desserts from our reception!
My first time on an airplane (I know, that's sad)
Day one: SeaWorld

The Hard Rock Cafe. I could spend hours looking at all the memorabilia
Day two: Universal Studios

They were building Hogwarts for the Spring opening!!! I am so stoked to see it finished.

Day three: Disney's Animal Kingdom. They gave us cute "Just Married" badges

The jungle safari was the coolest, I got to see my favorite animal: the giraffe! Also there were white rhinos and tons of other animals

Day four: lunch and a movie

This was the creepiest toy I had ever seen. We had to document it.

The Elephant Bar. SO GOOD.
Day five: Magic Kingdom and Epcot
The pool outside our room at the Marriott

BJs is one of my favorite restaurants. They have a cookie called a Pazookie that is a little piece of heaven

Day six: The BEACH
For some reason all men have a genetic predisposition to dig large holes whenever possible. I will never understand it.

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