Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Preggernancy

So I am almost 14 weeks along.  Whew!  The first trimester brought with it:
-Extreme nausea
-Ahem..digestion issues
-Chronic stuffy nose
-Sore muscles
-Limp hair
-Severe headaches
-Extreme thirst
-Food aversions
-An expanding waistline

HOWEVER....today we got to see our baby up on a screen :)  The perfect little head, the curve of the back, the tiny face.  Just as we were staring at our little creation, he stood up straight, raised his head, and pumped his little fist into the air.  Definitely a McCall and Jack baby :)  Hmmm...notice I used "him".  Maybeit is a boy?  Either way, we are thrilled.  I now have the motivation I need to continue into the second trimester and we are totally in love with baby.
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