Sunday, January 30, 2011


  We just got back from St George/Hurricane this afternoon.  Every once in a while I get a hankering for my home town and Jack usually obliges by driving down with me.  My main reason for this visit was my hair.  It needed some attention badly.  It might seem crazy that I would drive 3.5 hours to get my hair done, but that is because Tenille is crazy good.  I had her do dark brown all over and then she painted blonde on top and on the ends underneath, hombre-style.  I absolutely love it and needed it soooo bad.  Since I can't go tanning, whiten my teeth, I have gained 200 inches around my waist, and have been visited by the acne fairy, I was sure going to have fabulous hair by my roots were like 3 inches long.  I probably drive her crazy with how long I go between colors.
   Anyways, it felt so good to be down south.  It just feels and smells so homey to me.  60 degree weather (ahh), dinner with friends, cupcakes at 25 Main, snuggling in a hotel room, seeing my dad, and bringing a lemon cream cheese pie home from Croshaw's (it has been calling to me from the fridge all night).  I really like Northern Utah because this is where my honey and I have made our home, but I've got to say that Southern Utah will always be completely wonderful to me.
   In other news, they are tearing down my high school!  I don't know who "they" are, but I'm pretty upset about it.  They are tearing out the football field to make room for a new building!  MY football field!  The one where I cheered and danced, and watched games!  They are tearing down the hallway where my locker was and where I would stand and talk to my friends!  And the gym where I had a million volleyball, basketball, and cheer practices :(  I'm so indescribably sad about it.  Stupid progress.
  As an update, Jack and I are doing well.  We spend our days working together on our advertising company (he with all sales and sponsors, I with office duties, correspondences, and logs).  It is so great that he has a job that keeps him home all day and is so fun and profitable for us.  I still work a couple days a week in the hospitals doing newborn sessions and love it.
  We had our 20 week ultrasound last week and found out  we are having a baby girl.  It was one of the best days of my life.  It has been so crazy and slow, not knowing the gender of our baby!  She is very healthy, and it was amazing to see her little arms, legs, tummy, profile, beating heart, and brain.  Every time I think about it, I smile.  It's a GIRL!  I already bought her some cute little outfits, and discovered that I have no idea about sizes.  There are size smalls that say they will fit her until 10 pounds; she will reach that in what- like 3 days?!  (unless she is born at 10 pounds like some of our siblings, knock on wood)  anyways...I got her some bigger stuff in case she is....big.  The ultrasound tech said "wow, she has got some really long legs! reaaallllyyy long."  Well, I guess she is definitely my girl :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

20 weeks

not so much a "bump" as just a heck of a lot thicker!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dear Journal

because of how crazy cold it has been up here, we spend most nights snuggled on our couch and I've probably eaten about 40 pounds of air popped popcorn. I just realize that I still say it's cold "up here".  As opposed to Southern Utah I suppose.  I will forever be a Hurricanite. Yes, people from Hurricane are called Hurricanites. Go H-town.

I felt the baby move yesterday for the first time :)  I'm around 17 1/2 weeks so I guess it's a little early, but I'm not surprised because judging from the size of Jack and I, this baby will rival Goliath.  I've heard that the first time you feel your baby move it resembles the flutter of a butterfly or a little nudge.  I'm pretty sure my baby Goliath full on headbutted me.  There was no butterfly involved.  Either way, it was pretty exciting.

I try to eat well, but fail most of the time and end up just eating what sounds good.  I feel like there is enough to deal with being pregnant without having to give up desserts also; and for some reason I crave carbs always, especially white bread :/  I don't even know why I keep reading my pregnancy nutrition books, they just make me feel guilty! Who wants to eat anchovies, nori, or tofu even when they feel great?!   I have become the queen of justification (ice cream is, after all, a good source of calcium.  Popcorn has some folate in it.  Cupcakes raise my low blood sugar.) I can't have been too bad though because I've only gained three pounds since I got pregnant.

Tucker hates the snow.  Every time I let him out to go to the bathroom I pretty much have to chuck him out the door.  He then skirts along the side of the house where there is the least snow and tries to stand on only one front paw and one back paw so there is the least amount of him touching the snow.  I don't blame him, I hate snow.  I don't feel like I've been fully warm in two weeks.

I am crazy in love with my husband.  We had such a fun night last night.  We decided that for New Year's Eve we would stay in, just the two of us (I didn't want to risk getting sick since I start back at the hospitals this week so we didn't go to Dave's), and had so much fun, as usual.  We made 7-layer dip together and grilled hot ham and cheese sandwiches, then I went and put on some clothes I would have worn on a college date back in the day (they sure don't look the same on a pregnant body, but my Buba turned a blind eye) and then I went out the front door and rang the doorbell.  Jack opened it, looked surprised, but then I explained that I was there for our New Year's Eve date.  He politely invited me in and gave me a hug.  We then watched a movie on our "date", ate our food, talked alot, played Wii, and made out :)  we finally hit the sack at about 3am.  I always have so much fun with him and after almost 4 years of knowing each other, hanging out never gets old.
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