Thursday, February 24, 2011


So I have been VERY sick for over a week now (flu/cold/heart problems..blah) and today found myself wallowing in self pity.  And anger.  You know when you've been sick for so long that you are just irate about it?  It's such a silly emotion because there's no one really to get mad at, it's just difficult to feel like there is nothing you can do about it!  That you will just be sick for an indefinite amount of time until your body kills the thing! 

Anyways, I need to do a happy post to focus on the positive and not be so angry :)  So lately here are some things that make my life a little better:

-Jack.  He puts up with a messy house and no home cooked meals.  He rubs my back for countless hours, he goes to all of my doctor's appointments with me, and holds my heart monitor up for me in the shower so it doesn't get wet.  He gets anything I need when I just feel like laying in bed.
-Baby Girl.  As mind-numbingly hard as pregnancy is, I feel so blessed that she is coming into our home.  I spend countless hours daydreaming about what she will look/be like and all of the things I want to make sure I do right as a mom.
-Tucker.  When you're sick, the easiest person(?) to take out your bad mood on is the dog.  I don't think he really qualifies for the "makes my life better" list (really Tucker, you still have no idea what it means to stay on your bed?) but he has endured me being so frustrated and snotty to him....even if he deserves it sometimes.
-Baths.  They feel so nice sometimes.
-Cereal.  I go through a gallon of milk every three days.
-Sisters-in-law.  We were watching birthing videos yesterday and I kept thinking "it can't be this bad.  Pam, Deb, Karen, Jenny, our moms, etc. went through it multiple times.  On purpose."
-Cupcake Wars.  I love this show.  It's one of those shows that I watch and make stupid comments like "oh, she is doing that wrong.  I would have done this.  I would have used this ingredient...see?" and then sweet Jack humors me and says "of course you would.  You would win this show.  You are better than any of these people."  and I feel good even though we both know it's not true.
-Grey's Anatomy is another of these shows.  It's amazing how a girl thinks she knows from a CNA certification and two years of pre-nursing ;) We've been re-watching all of the seasons.
-Victoria's Secret yoga pants.  They are basically all I wear.  All that fits now, since I haven't gotten around to buying maternity pants.
-The Country Strong soundtrack.  On the rare afternoon when I feel up to cleaning or doing something productive, this is my music of choice.  I'm obsessed with the song 'Timing is Everything'.  I have yet to find piano sheet music for it.
-Canned peaches.  I am SO ready for summer and fresh fruit.  Until then, I crave canned peaches.
-The fields by our house.  I love driving by everyday and watching the horses and cows interact.  We have names for our favorites, and get a kick out of how the big horses shun the Shetland ponies.  When I asked my dad, the horseman, why this happens, his reason was that "Shetlands are nasty little suckers".
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