Monday, April 25, 2011

33 weeks

I can't believe I've only got 7 weeks until baby girl is here (give or take).  I was born 14 days late so hopefully she doesn't take after me in that regard, we are too excited to have her here!  Here is some documentation for me:
-Babygirl is super active when she is awake, which is a lot.  Her favorite time to be up is still 11pm-midnight and she likes to be up again at 8:30am.
-I'm carrying her super high, which is uncomfortable, but she is very polite and most of the time when I push her down she will drop a little so I can sit or breath better.
-I've been getting Braxton Hicks contractions frequently throughout the day, have a strained muscle in my pelvis, acne everywhere, and killer heartburn, which I will accept x100 over the nausea.  Trimester 3 is a cakewalk compared to the first 16 weeks.
-Since she is so active and jerky, Dr Haskett thought it would be good to get an ultrasound last week to check things.  We got to see Babygirl in 3d.  I was afraid she'd be all bumpy and creepy like other images I'd seen, but she was absolutely beautiful.  She's already got Jack's lips. Oh, and everything on the ultrasound was fine.
-She is 4 pounds right now which puts her at 50th percentile and if she follows this average, will weight 8 at birth.  Jack and I both have a couple of 10 pound siblings so we are crossing our fingers that she stays at this average :)
-To my horror, I gained 8 pounds at Disneyland (uh, hello food vendors EVERYWHERE!!) but have dropped three already since being home and eating better.
-We finished her nursery.  I was nervous and was putting off getting a crib for some reason. Jack finally kicked into action. 
-I'm getting maternity pics taken on Thurs and am pretty nervous. Why do we feel the need to document the ugliest phase in our life??
-I'm actually not nervous at all for D-day.  I feel like this is the longest wait of my life and am just excited....also, I love hospitals and am definitely planning on the epidural :)

Luckily I also have great sisters-in-law and friends who have good advice on every and anything.  I willingly welcome advice and tips from anyone!
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