Friday, April 29, 2011



- Women's Conference.  Every year at BYU the church puts on two days of uplifting talks that you can pick from and go to all over campus.  It's a good chance to get away with your girl friends, sisters, or as my tradition calls for, your mom.  I don't recommend walking across campus when you are 33 weeks prego and it is snowing.  Also, get an aisle seat in the Marriott center.

-Barbecuing.  Even when it is cold.  If you have one already and aren't using it's full potential, I suggest you go slap on some meat or veggies.  Instant summer and healthful, easy food.  

-The card game Sleeping Queens. I got it for Jack for Easter and we have played it about a dozen times.  It's a good one to play with your kids also because it's so easy to learn and is very imaginative :)

-This frosting recipe from Pioneer Woman.  I stumbled upon it this week when I made chocolate cake from a box and didn't have store bought frosting (I know, I know. Lazy.  It had been a long day).  Anyways, this frosting+any cake=mmmmmmmmmmm

-Reading good blogs.  Sometimes when I feel like I'm losing myself in the day-to-day things I search Google for blogs about something I love.  I have found some amazing photography blogs, baby blogs, wedding blogs, and just really entertaining ones about real gals like myself.  It'll help you hold on to your own hobbies and interests just a li'l bit.
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