Monday, May 16, 2011

Chubby Bunny

    The water retention has finally made its debut.  That is why, in my girl's weekend pictures, I look like I have a marshmallow in each cheek (thus the title of this post. Remember that game where you had to stuff your cheeks and say 'chubby bunny?' :).  Jack had to pry my engagement ring off my finger yesterday, my ankle bones have gone missing, and this morning my thumb ring had to go.  Because the though of having either stuck on my fingers and not being able to pull them off gives me the willies.  Is it possible for a girl's nose to get expand while she's preg?  I swear mine has. 
    Anyway, that, combined with the back pressure and sore ribs, has driven me to the decision that for these last four weeks or so I will not be a fan of public places.  I can no longer wear anything but maternity clothes, but am much more comfortable just being at home and wearing Jack's clothes so going out will probably now only consist of trips to Rumbi or Cafe Rio and the occasional matinee movie.  We saw Bridesmaids today at 11am in an empty theater and laughed about it because once Babygirl is here, that will be our usual movie time in case she gets unhappy and loud. 

ps. I definitely know where my sciatic nerve is now. Yowza.
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