Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Things I recommend:

- Churros from Costco.  I have a thing for churros and I have tried them at a LOT of places.  Costco is hands-down the best.  They are huge and only a dollar.  Make sure you eat it warm though!
-Revisiting favorite TV shows.  I know most people don't buy whole seasons like we do, but I know Netflix has tons available.  It is so fun to go back to season 1 of a favorite show and watch it all over again, especially if you dropped off somewhere in the middle and need to catch up.  We just watched Grey's Anatomy and Nurse Jackie all over and to catch up, it's nice because if you don't have tons of time it's less of a commitment to watch an episode of something than a two-hour movie.
This color-coded Wahl clipper with attachments.  It's only $22 at Walmart and super fun and easy, the different lengths are color coded!  My mom is a cosmetologist and she swears by Wahl.  I just got one and buzzed Jack's hair for summer.  Handsome dude. :)
- The Big Kahuna burger from Rumbi Island Grill.  Oh man.  It's got pineapple and teriyaki sauce on and the freshest bun ever.  Only get it with one patty though, cause who needs the extra cholesterol? ;)
- KSL classifieds. We just got the $170 Chicco carseat we wanted for $80 on KSL! 
- Taking the time often to list things you are really really grateful for and that make your life better, and taking every chance to thank God for them.  Mine today are: 1) Clean sheets.  Those who know me know that I am really particular about my bed and bedding.  I laid in bed last night and thought about those who sleep on a mat on a dirt floor every night or in the streets or a park bench.  I suddenly felt that much more comfortable in my own bed (despite the extra bowling ball on my body). 2) My body.  I have to remind myself of this one a lot because it is easy to get frustrated or down on myself when I feel so big and abnormal; but the truth is, I am making another person!  We were able to conceive with no problems and I am able to grow and nourish a baby without any major problems.  Way to go bod!  3) Safety.  I am able to be in my home with my husband and not feel the fear of natural disasters, evil people, or even contention from my own spouse.  I can lock out the bad, set the alarm, and sleep soundly at night.

Sorry, long-winded. 
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