Thursday, June 30, 2011


some weird things about me that I didn't think were weird until just now when I thought about them:

-when my favorite mascara went out of production, I bought 5 tubes of it.  Now I save it to wear only on special occasions.  I can tell how much I care about what someone thinks of me if I have the desire to wear my nice mascara for them.

-I chew on the inside of my mouth.  alot.

-I CANNOT start eating my treats until the movie has started.  I have been known to hold onto a cup of ice cream in a movie theater through 20-minute previews.  Sometimes by the time the movie starts I have watered-down soda, cold popcorn, and mushy dibs.  However, this is better to me than having a half-eaten treat when the main event comes on.

-I have a problem with dressing Olivia in girly things. I don't know why but anything with hearts/butterflies/tutus/big hair flowers makes me gag.  She is currently wearing a white tee and baggy, grey boy pants ha ha.  Don't get me wrong, I adore we had a girl, I just don't want to doll her up like a little pageant baby.  Instead of those fancy hand covers you can get for babies, she always has mismatched socks on her hands....after typing this however, I thought of Shiloh Jolie-Pitt and her weird affinity for boy clothes. I think I'll go move all of Liv's pink stuff to the front of the closet.

-I have this dream every night that my baby cries, I get up and get her, feed her, change her, and rock her back to sleep.  Then when she really does wake up I'm always like "I just fed you!" before realizing it was a dream.  This is awful because I feel like I am having twice as many night feedings as I really am.  Maybe I'll get to the point though where I become so good at it in my dream that when she cries in real life I can feed her in my sleep?  Hmmm.

-In my mind I'm sure I will finish my science degree in like genetics or something but I know this is completely false.  I barely have the energy to fold laundry and I know this is probably how it will be for the next 18 years or so :)  I'll settle for watching Who Wants to be a Millionaire while Buba and I eat lunch every day.

-I don't like putting quotes up in my house, but I have a whole folder of them on my computer desktop.

-I like to be different. It kills me to think about the other 2.5 million people out there with our same Ikea coffee table.

-One of my jobs around the house is to make sure our utility bills are paid.  When Lehi city sends out your utility bill, they give you an 'energy efficiency rating' that is measured in stars.  It measures you against your 'efficient neighbors.'  Every time the bill comes, I cross my fingers and hope for 5 stars.  We always get 3.  This bothers me more than it should.  Every month I heckle my husband to turn off lights, take short showers, turn up the temp on the A/C, etc....not to be green or conserve energy, but for those last two stars.  One of these days I WILL beat our 'efficient neighbors'...the Jones's.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Olivia's Nursery

A little late in coming :) Here is where our little bean will sleep when she can stand her crib.

Babywise UPDATE

Wow, I have fantastic friends, family, and readers :)  Thanks everyone so so much for all of your advice in texts and emails about my sleeptime conundrum.  I had heard such great things about Babywise that I took it as scripture and was literally wearing myself out trying to follow it to a tee...and then feeling guilty when I would only let her cry for 5 minutes and then holding her to sleep, or feeding her before the allotted time because she was hungry early. 
Anyone who has a baby, read the comments from the post below.  YOu guys had great advice.  Today for the first time I'm not stressed about a schedule.  Having a little meal structure is good, but I rocked her to sleep and didn't feel bad.  It was great :)  I will definitely look into the books recommended and take from each what I feel we should do.  Hopefully there will be no more bedtimes with us both in tears!  Love you all.

Thursday, June 23, 2011



This week I recommend

-Graeter's Ice Cream.  According to Jack, it was his sister Pam's favorite treat on her mission in Cincinnati and she 
  would pay top dollar to have it shipped out here once she came home.  Well, Smith's just started carrying    
  pints of it in their store and it is to die for.  Top flavors: Mint chocolate chip and blackberry chocolate 
-Cream.  The kind poured over the strawberries at Strawberry Days in Pleasant Grove.  Find it back by the 
  milk in Macey's Grocery store.
-The stars.  When was the last time you went outside at 11pm and just stared at the sky for a while?  Smell 
  the air while you're at it.
-Broadbent's Store in Lehi.  It is a cute, old-fashioned fabric and gift shop located at 28 N. 100 E.
-America's Got Talent on NBC.  So refreshing, funny, entertaining, and so NOT American Idol.  Love 
  Nick Cannon.
-Dear Baby and Project Baby blogs.  Two cute, boho moms who had their babies within days of 
  Olivia.  I'm so entertained by them.

Monday, June 20, 2011


Have you read this book?

 I have.  It has been either a great blessing or a great curse. I'm not sure which yet.  I've implemented a feeding schedule for Olivia since we got home from the hospital.  Okay, I've TRIED to.  Depending on the day, our little miss either decides she is starving every hour, or that she is too tired to be bothered with food at all.  I feel like I am either depriving her or forcing her to eat.  
My biggest frustrating though has come with the sleeping schedule.  The book says to put her down for a nap and leaver her because everything should be parent-directed.  It says it is healthy for a baby to cry for 15-20 minutes.  The problem is, Olivia will scream indefinitely.  There is no self-soothing and putting herself to sleep.  Only when I pick her up after twenty minutes will she calm down.  As long as she is not being left in her bed by herself, she is a very calm baby.  She can be rocked to sleep/fed to sleep very easily, just not put in bed for a nap or bedtime.  I've seriously been pulling my hair out. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

dear Journal

I know I know, I'm posting like every single day. I just don't want to miss documenting a moment of these early days with our newest family member and my thoughts on everything.

Several times a day I find myself thinking "wow, this is really hard".  There is no way to know what it is going to be like, having a baby, until that baby is actually with you 24/7.  The adjustment has been alot more difficult than I could have imagined.  Those first few nights when I was up all night holding her and being overwhelmed by the new role, and a thousand times since then, thinking "this little person relies on me foreverything..and she will be here for the rest of my life!"

Several times a day I also find myself thinking "wow, this is really amazing".  It's true that the hardest things in life are also the best.  The other day I was at lunch with my mom, sisters, grandma, and aunts.  One of my aunts was holding Olivia when she started to get fussy.  I watched her look around the room until her eyes rested on mine.  A look of recognition flashed across her eyes as she recognized me and I felt my heart do that little jump thing.  I'm so happy to be her mom.

I'm so grateful to be doing this with Jack.  He is the most amazing partner and father.  He makes sure to tell me every day how beautiful and (ahem!) skinny I am because he knows I'm sure not feeling that way.  He loves Olivia and gets so excited to hold her and spend time with her.  He appreciates all of the little things about her like how pretty her belly button turned out and all of her different expressions.  He is the most compassionate person I know.  You'd think he would be sick of hearing about my aches and pains after ten months, but he still asks how I am feeling and makes sure I take time for myself and do what I need to in order to feel good and be rested.

When I get to the point where I'm ready for a break from babygirl and put her down for a nap or Jack takes her for a while, it only takes 5 minutes before I'm anxious to be with her again.  I guess this is how it is to be in love :)  I feel the same way about Jack and remember when we were dating and he'd leave for the night; I'd miss him right away.

I decided before she was born that co-sleeping was something I was NOT going to do....  Enter miss warm, snuggly body, sweet smelling head, and big blue eyes staring at me first thing in the morning and I am powerless against the little bean.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Over the past 10 months I have skipped ahead in my phone to look at today's date at least a thousand times.  Today is Olivia's due date.  
Back when I spent hours and hours hunched over a large bowl in my bed or wrapped around the toilet, or awake all night with scorching heartburn, I'd pick up my phone and count the weeks until this day.  My baby is now two and a half weeks old though and the time flies by so fast it makes my head spin!  I'm so happy she delivered before today, or I would have missed out on tiny babygirl with her skinny limbs.  Now she is a tall glass of water with a cute little pot belly on her and some small rolls showing up.  I'm glad she was anxious to join us :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011


   Olivia had her two-week Dr appt on Friday.  She now weighs 8lbs and is a whopping 21 inches long!  She's 46th percentile for weight and 85th for height.  I never knew what percentiles meant until I had my own baby.  In the past people would be like "my baby is clear in the 90th percentile!" and I'd be like, ""
   Sooo... her belly-button just has a little scab now so the doctor said she was ready for her first bath!  Livs loved getting sponge baths, and now loves getting real baths.  Especially when I wash her hair.  She just closed her eyes and relaxed while I sponged her off.

She also loves going places in her car seat. I got a little sad this morning when we put her in because I could tell she is getting bigger.  She doesn't just bend into a tiny puddle in the bottom anymore, her head actually rests in the support cushion :( It's only been two weeks!  Time is stealing my baby!!!

...Anyways, I call her bunny rabbit sometimes because of her long bunny feet.  They are so cute :)

Other firsts:
- Falling asleep while sitting up.  Me, not the baby.  It was 5am and I was feeding her.
- Having all of the following on me at one time: blood, throw up, pee, poop, breastmilk.
- Using a breast pump. Now I know how cows feel.
- Washing, lotioning, combing, and drying baby only to have her soak her towel and my clothes with pee on the 5 second walk to get a diaper.
- Actually wishing my bedfellow would snore.  That way I can always tell she is breathing instead of checking every 30 seconds :)
- Tivo-ing anything that looks vaguely interesting in order to have something to watch during middle of the night feedings.  Teen Wolf anyone?
- Realizing that my obsession with immaculately clean bedding has to come to an end if I want to stay sane
- Loving someone so much that I only met two weeks ago
- Giving all of my energy, thoughts, time, and body to one tiny person and wishing I could give more

Thursday, June 9, 2011

2 weeks

Jack and i are having so much fun with baby girl.  We laugh so hard every day at something she does or a personality trait that we pretend she has :)

- Her stretching routine every time she wakes up from a long nap.  She starts by stretching each arm high above her head and then rubbing her hair.  Then her neck and back, then straightens out her skinny legs so we can see her wrinkly 'baby elephant' knees. 

- Olivia does not get sad.  She gets angry or bugged. When this happens her face will turn bright red and she'll let out a yell.  We call this alter ego 'Raquel'.  You don't want to be too close when Raquel comes out because she is the evil personality.

-Baby has a seat that detaches from the swing and has two runners on the bottom that allows it to rock.  Sometimes we'll slide her in it down the stairs (carefully holding on, of course) and sing the song from the movie Cool Runnings, except it goes like this "babiiiies, we have a newborn bobsled team!"  We think it's pretty funny, but sometimes Raquel comes out and puts a stop to the activity.

- Olivia suffers from narcolepsy (aka, she's a newborn) and it is quite the feat getting her to stay awake during feedings.  We have found that the best cure is a popsicle to the back.  Gets her sucking again every time.

-When Liv has decided that she has eaten her fill, she'll close her lips tight and make a face like I'm trying to give her the grossest thing she's ever smelled.  It does wonders for my self esteem :/

- When Daddy is trying to wake her up before a feeding, sometimes I'll sing the song 'Magic' by B.O.B. but instead of "I've got the magic in me", I'll sing "I've got the leche in me, I've got the leche baby!".  (leche=milk in's funnier if you've heard the song...)

- Olivia loves to have her hair and face washed.  She'll close her eyes and get a dreamy look on her face while I scrub her head with her little scrub brush and is happy for a long time after being dried off.  I tell myself that she likes to feel pretty :)

- My favorite time of the day with our little girl is when she wakes up next to me in bed for her 8:30am feeding.  She starts making sounds and I'll open my eyes to find her staring at me like she is just waiting for me to wake up.  Her eyes are a beautiful dark blue and she always looks like she is much more intelligent than we are giving her credit for.

- She is still so tiny!  All of her newborn clothes are still too baggy on her.  I thought she could get by in 0-3 months after the first week, but I had to go get more tiny onesies so she wouldn't drown in the ones she has. 

-Liv does this funny thing where she'll open her fist and press her palm to her mouth like she's eating candy.  We joke that it's secret candy they gave her in heaven.  Every time Jack and I try to take Livi's 'heavenly candy' out of her hand, she'll jerk it away and sometimes hurry and shove it to her mouth again.  I hope this isn't a preview of her ability to share with other kids as she gets older...

-I suffer from just a slight overproduction of milk :/  Olivia hasn't learned yet how to moderate her eating, so she often ends up choking.  When this happens, it's time to pull out the video camera because she could win an Oscar for her act of her harrowing experience with choking.  According to her splayed arms, gasping breaths, and watery eyes, Olivia is living her last moments on earth.  After a quick burp she returns to her normal, hungry self and will eat, unscathed for another 5 minutes...until she drinks too quickly and thinks she is on the brink of death again.

- She is such a good baby, she eats well, sleeps from midnight to 5 most nights and then again until 8:30, takes a late morning nap so I can shower and make lunch, and loves her carseat, swing, stroller etc.  She still can't get the hang of her bassinet though so I am naughty and put her in bed next to me for the second half of the night.  I wish I could bottle up her smell for when she gets bigger and loses it.  I could smell her all day.  Love love love.

Monday, June 6, 2011


I now have a full-time job.  The pay isn't great, but the benefits are extraordinary....

Friday, June 3, 2011

What's in {her} name..


My favorite children’s book and also just a classic, beautiful name that we love…

My father’s mother, Lorna Amy Kimber.  She died when my dad was only 16 and so I’ve never been able to meet her.  From what he’s told me she was an incredible woman.

Olivia's Birth Story.

I was 37 weeks along and had been dilated to a 3 and almost 100% effaced for a week.  Experienced and timed contractions for a week.  Had a backache for a week.  Was in anxious limbo for a week.  Friday came and was different.  I was nauseous and the contractions were more even (though not painful).  Jack and I ate lunch at The Bread Bowl (when you are in labor you get to pick wherever you want to eat).  I had a banana and nutella sandwich, to the amusement of my husband and the owner.  It was one of the best things I had ever tasted.  Anything would have tasted good though because I knew my girl was coming soon.  We had planned on seeing a movie and I told Jack to be prepared to leave it early just in case; and we were ready, the trunk had our hospital bags in and everything hubby needed for work. 

I was uncomfortable through the movie but not overly so.  At home that evening I experienced an 8-minute long contraction (again, not painful).  My phone and it's stopwatch feature had become a permanent fixture in my hand that week and I started timing for the upteenth time.  6 minutes apart, then 7, then 5, then 6.  It didn't matter, I knew something was different and that we should go.  I waited an hour and then shouted up the stairs to where Jack was working. "Babe, it's time go.  She is going to come tonight."  He asked if I was positive because he knew how much I wanted to avoid a false labor at the hospital.  I told him I was and he changed and gathered our last-minute things.  The ride to the hospital was surreal.  I knew that the next time I would travel the road by our house it would be with our daughter and everything would be different. 

The nurse looked skeptical when I strolled in and told her I was in labor. By the time I had changed into a gown, laid in a bed in triage, and was hooked up to fetal monitors, the pains were stronger.  The nurse checked me and said I was now dilated to a 5.  I started bleeding a lot and everyone had to reassure my husband that it was fine.  The nurse asked if I would like her to call the anesthesiologist for the epidural.  I told her no.  I wanted to experience the feeling before going numb.  They then moved me to labor and delivery, but I don't remember that part at all.  The contractions got closer together, about every 30 seconds, and became so intense that it was impossible not to make noise.  Soon after the hard contractions hit I had started shaking uncontrollably, and couldn't stop (until after she was born).  The pain was like menstrual cramps times ten, with a thousand-pounds of pressure on my lower spine.  I found that it helped me to hold my breath a little through each one, and also Jack found a spot on my back to press hard with his knuckles that lessened the pain.  This went on for a couple of hours, and by the time the nurse's anesthetist arrived, I was at an 8.

It was one of the hardest things I've done, having to sit up, curl over, and hold still to open up a spot for the needle. He numbed me with smaller shots and then put the epidural tube in.  I felt a pressure and then a burning go down my back, nothing too bad....then pure bliss.  The doctor then came in and broke my water with what looked like a large crochet hook.  Soon after the epidural I felt the pain lessen in my right side, twenty minutes later my left side.  He had done a good job because I could still move (though sluggishly) and experience a little pressure, but could now relax and anticipate our big night. We were told to take it easy and get some sleep because it would be a long wait now, especially with this being our first.  Husband made a McDonald's run to make sure he wouldn't get hungry later.  While he was gone, the baby got harder to monitor and her heart rate was dipping with contractions so they put me on oxygen.  When D got back and saw the mask on my face he freaked out a little.  Later he told me that he had been driving back and thinking about what if something happened to me.  Needless to say, the oxygen mask wasn't the best thing to see upon stepping into the room.  Everything was fine though, and the oxygen helped babygirl. 

The nurse came back in to check on things and was shocked to find that I was dilated to a full 10 and ready to push.  She told the doctor (ours was out of town so we got Dr Cloward from his office- she was fantastic).  Before I knew it or had a chance to prepare much in my mind, I was gripping my legs and pushing.  The setting was not at all how I had pictured.  It was very intimate, with Jack holding one foot, a nurse on the other, and Dr Cloward ready to bring her out.  I pushed as hard as I could and within a few sets of 3, she was out.  It was an out of body experience, having our baby daughter set on my chest, all slimy and skinny.  I couldn't believe I had made her.  Jack cut the cord, and she snuggled in under my gown for some skin-to-skin contact.  She didn't cry, just looked straight at me with her big, navy blue eyes.  As unreal as this was, I felt that she knew me and recognized my voice.

Our little Olivia weighed in at 7lbs 5oz and 18" with dark, long, curly hair.  She has my nose, Jack's lips, and my under-eye creases.  I have never seen anything more beautiful in my whole life and am constantly amazed at this body that Heavenly Father created that is able to make and give birth to something as perfect as my baby girl.  I can't stop smelling her sweet head and touching her soft skin.  I feel so blessed to be able to take care of her every need...Needless to say, we are completely in love and in awe of her every minute of the day.
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