Thursday, June 9, 2011

2 weeks

Jack and i are having so much fun with baby girl.  We laugh so hard every day at something she does or a personality trait that we pretend she has :)

- Her stretching routine every time she wakes up from a long nap.  She starts by stretching each arm high above her head and then rubbing her hair.  Then her neck and back, then straightens out her skinny legs so we can see her wrinkly 'baby elephant' knees. 

- Olivia does not get sad.  She gets angry or bugged. When this happens her face will turn bright red and she'll let out a yell.  We call this alter ego 'Raquel'.  You don't want to be too close when Raquel comes out because she is the evil personality.

-Baby has a seat that detaches from the swing and has two runners on the bottom that allows it to rock.  Sometimes we'll slide her in it down the stairs (carefully holding on, of course) and sing the song from the movie Cool Runnings, except it goes like this "babiiiies, we have a newborn bobsled team!"  We think it's pretty funny, but sometimes Raquel comes out and puts a stop to the activity.

- Olivia suffers from narcolepsy (aka, she's a newborn) and it is quite the feat getting her to stay awake during feedings.  We have found that the best cure is a popsicle to the back.  Gets her sucking again every time.

-When Liv has decided that she has eaten her fill, she'll close her lips tight and make a face like I'm trying to give her the grossest thing she's ever smelled.  It does wonders for my self esteem :/

- When Daddy is trying to wake her up before a feeding, sometimes I'll sing the song 'Magic' by B.O.B. but instead of "I've got the magic in me", I'll sing "I've got the leche in me, I've got the leche baby!".  (leche=milk in's funnier if you've heard the song...)

- Olivia loves to have her hair and face washed.  She'll close her eyes and get a dreamy look on her face while I scrub her head with her little scrub brush and is happy for a long time after being dried off.  I tell myself that she likes to feel pretty :)

- My favorite time of the day with our little girl is when she wakes up next to me in bed for her 8:30am feeding.  She starts making sounds and I'll open my eyes to find her staring at me like she is just waiting for me to wake up.  Her eyes are a beautiful dark blue and she always looks like she is much more intelligent than we are giving her credit for.

- She is still so tiny!  All of her newborn clothes are still too baggy on her.  I thought she could get by in 0-3 months after the first week, but I had to go get more tiny onesies so she wouldn't drown in the ones she has. 

-Liv does this funny thing where she'll open her fist and press her palm to her mouth like she's eating candy.  We joke that it's secret candy they gave her in heaven.  Every time Jack and I try to take Livi's 'heavenly candy' out of her hand, she'll jerk it away and sometimes hurry and shove it to her mouth again.  I hope this isn't a preview of her ability to share with other kids as she gets older...

-I suffer from just a slight overproduction of milk :/  Olivia hasn't learned yet how to moderate her eating, so she often ends up choking.  When this happens, it's time to pull out the video camera because she could win an Oscar for her act of her harrowing experience with choking.  According to her splayed arms, gasping breaths, and watery eyes, Olivia is living her last moments on earth.  After a quick burp she returns to her normal, hungry self and will eat, unscathed for another 5 minutes...until she drinks too quickly and thinks she is on the brink of death again.

- She is such a good baby, she eats well, sleeps from midnight to 5 most nights and then again until 8:30, takes a late morning nap so I can shower and make lunch, and loves her carseat, swing, stroller etc.  She still can't get the hang of her bassinet though so I am naughty and put her in bed next to me for the second half of the night.  I wish I could bottle up her smell for when she gets bigger and loses it.  I could smell her all day.  Love love love.
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