Sunday, June 12, 2011


   Olivia had her two-week Dr appt on Friday.  She now weighs 8lbs and is a whopping 21 inches long!  She's 46th percentile for weight and 85th for height.  I never knew what percentiles meant until I had my own baby.  In the past people would be like "my baby is clear in the 90th percentile!" and I'd be like, ""
   Sooo... her belly-button just has a little scab now so the doctor said she was ready for her first bath!  Livs loved getting sponge baths, and now loves getting real baths.  Especially when I wash her hair.  She just closed her eyes and relaxed while I sponged her off.

She also loves going places in her car seat. I got a little sad this morning when we put her in because I could tell she is getting bigger.  She doesn't just bend into a tiny puddle in the bottom anymore, her head actually rests in the support cushion :( It's only been two weeks!  Time is stealing my baby!!!

...Anyways, I call her bunny rabbit sometimes because of her long bunny feet.  They are so cute :)

Other firsts:
- Falling asleep while sitting up.  Me, not the baby.  It was 5am and I was feeding her.
- Having all of the following on me at one time: blood, throw up, pee, poop, breastmilk.
- Using a breast pump. Now I know how cows feel.
- Washing, lotioning, combing, and drying baby only to have her soak her towel and my clothes with pee on the 5 second walk to get a diaper.
- Actually wishing my bedfellow would snore.  That way I can always tell she is breathing instead of checking every 30 seconds :)
- Tivo-ing anything that looks vaguely interesting in order to have something to watch during middle of the night feedings.  Teen Wolf anyone?
- Realizing that my obsession with immaculately clean bedding has to come to an end if I want to stay sane
- Loving someone so much that I only met two weeks ago
- Giving all of my energy, thoughts, time, and body to one tiny person and wishing I could give more
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