Thursday, June 30, 2011


some weird things about me that I didn't think were weird until just now when I thought about them:

-when my favorite mascara went out of production, I bought 5 tubes of it.  Now I save it to wear only on special occasions.  I can tell how much I care about what someone thinks of me if I have the desire to wear my nice mascara for them.

-I chew on the inside of my mouth.  alot.

-I CANNOT start eating my treats until the movie has started.  I have been known to hold onto a cup of ice cream in a movie theater through 20-minute previews.  Sometimes by the time the movie starts I have watered-down soda, cold popcorn, and mushy dibs.  However, this is better to me than having a half-eaten treat when the main event comes on.

-I have a problem with dressing Olivia in girly things. I don't know why but anything with hearts/butterflies/tutus/big hair flowers makes me gag.  She is currently wearing a white tee and baggy, grey boy pants ha ha.  Don't get me wrong, I adore we had a girl, I just don't want to doll her up like a little pageant baby.  Instead of those fancy hand covers you can get for babies, she always has mismatched socks on her hands....after typing this however, I thought of Shiloh Jolie-Pitt and her weird affinity for boy clothes. I think I'll go move all of Liv's pink stuff to the front of the closet.

-I have this dream every night that my baby cries, I get up and get her, feed her, change her, and rock her back to sleep.  Then when she really does wake up I'm always like "I just fed you!" before realizing it was a dream.  This is awful because I feel like I am having twice as many night feedings as I really am.  Maybe I'll get to the point though where I become so good at it in my dream that when she cries in real life I can feed her in my sleep?  Hmmm.

-In my mind I'm sure I will finish my science degree in like genetics or something but I know this is completely false.  I barely have the energy to fold laundry and I know this is probably how it will be for the next 18 years or so :)  I'll settle for watching Who Wants to be a Millionaire while Buba and I eat lunch every day.

-I don't like putting quotes up in my house, but I have a whole folder of them on my computer desktop.

-I like to be different. It kills me to think about the other 2.5 million people out there with our same Ikea coffee table.

-One of my jobs around the house is to make sure our utility bills are paid.  When Lehi city sends out your utility bill, they give you an 'energy efficiency rating' that is measured in stars.  It measures you against your 'efficient neighbors.'  Every time the bill comes, I cross my fingers and hope for 5 stars.  We always get 3.  This bothers me more than it should.  Every month I heckle my husband to turn off lights, take short showers, turn up the temp on the A/C, etc....not to be green or conserve energy, but for those last two stars.  One of these days I WILL beat our 'efficient neighbors'...the Jones's.
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