Thursday, June 23, 2011



This week I recommend

-Graeter's Ice Cream.  According to Jack, it was his sister Pam's favorite treat on her mission in Cincinnati and she 
  would pay top dollar to have it shipped out here once she came home.  Well, Smith's just started carrying    
  pints of it in their store and it is to die for.  Top flavors: Mint chocolate chip and blackberry chocolate 
-Cream.  The kind poured over the strawberries at Strawberry Days in Pleasant Grove.  Find it back by the 
  milk in Macey's Grocery store.
-The stars.  When was the last time you went outside at 11pm and just stared at the sky for a while?  Smell 
  the air while you're at it.
-Broadbent's Store in Lehi.  It is a cute, old-fashioned fabric and gift shop located at 28 N. 100 E.
-America's Got Talent on NBC.  So refreshing, funny, entertaining, and so NOT American Idol.  Love 
  Nick Cannon.
-Dear Baby and Project Baby blogs.  Two cute, boho moms who had their babies within days of 
  Olivia.  I'm so entertained by them.
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