Sunday, June 26, 2011

Babywise UPDATE

Wow, I have fantastic friends, family, and readers :)  Thanks everyone so so much for all of your advice in texts and emails about my sleeptime conundrum.  I had heard such great things about Babywise that I took it as scripture and was literally wearing myself out trying to follow it to a tee...and then feeling guilty when I would only let her cry for 5 minutes and then holding her to sleep, or feeding her before the allotted time because she was hungry early. 
Anyone who has a baby, read the comments from the post below.  YOu guys had great advice.  Today for the first time I'm not stressed about a schedule.  Having a little meal structure is good, but I rocked her to sleep and didn't feel bad.  It was great :)  I will definitely look into the books recommended and take from each what I feel we should do.  Hopefully there will be no more bedtimes with us both in tears!  Love you all.

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