Friday, July 29, 2011


-Ice Box Cake.  look it up. Super easy, super scrumptious (when was the last time you heard the word 'scrumptious?')

-Yahtzee.  Classic game. Revisit it.  Jack makes fun of me because I am too risky. I'll go for the large straight every time and never get it.

-Stretching.  I have read in a thousand different articles how beneficial a simple stretch session can be. Do it nightly. Or

-Love in the Wild. It's a TV show that is on ABC on Wed nights.  Find it online and start from the beginning. We are obsessed.

-Pinterest.  I thought "this is such a stupid idea for a website"....pretty soon I was on it three times a day.  It's the perfect browsing site for when I feed Babygirl.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dead Tired...I mean 8 Weeks

    Yes folks, we have made it to 8 weeks.  Boy time flies when you are a human milk dispenser. I mean cradle. I mean a human butt wiper :)  Our baby is almost two months.  She is able to communicate a lot better and sure lets us know when she is not content.  We are rewarded with more frequent smiles though and more communicative expressions.  Babygirl is super strong and can hold up her own weight on her legs, hold her head up at all times, and raise up on her elbows or knees during tummy time (not both at the same time, that would be crawling..almost.)  She loves to go outside and still loves baths/showers.  
    We have started enforcing a 10:30 bedtime instead of Livi's preferred midnight.  Most of the time she will fuss from 7pm until bed and during the evenings demands a feeding every 45 minutes.  During the day, if she is not asleep, she requires being held.  She hates to be left alone to just chill and hates laying flat on her back- she always sleeps in her swing seat so she can be propped up.  She weighs in at 13 pounds now (the doc said she should be around 14 at her two-month checkup) and has the most kissable, chubby chipmunk cheeks.  She loves to touch her hair when sad or bored and has discovered how delicious her fists are.  She is not drooly at all and takes her tummy medicine very well.  Both grandmas love to babysit her and she does well with them for the most part.  She has taken a bottle like a pro from the very beginning (only breastmilk), and loves to visit her new cousin, Jaden...oh and still has her deep blue eyes and now looks like a strawberry blonde in some lights (courtesy of aunt Brittain).
Here's our girl at 8 weeks

.....Here are Jack and I at the end of every day

Saturday, July 9, 2011

6 weeks

Yesterday Olivia sat up for a full minute while Jack held onto her thighs.  I don't know if she could do it again, but I was pretty shocked :)

Her fave position to be held in is over our shoulder so she can check out what's going on around us and look us in the face

While on her stomach, she can lift the top half of her body up with her arms

She is getting big and it makes me sad :(  She now only fits into a couple of her newborn size outfits.  On to the 0-3s

She still loves baths and now loves showers.  It's one of my favorite things ever, to hold my babygirl against my skin and soap her off and smell her wet head 

She smiles in response to things, but is a little stingy with it

Turned from her back to her side the other day without help

Our little lady crosses her ankle while eating

She is quite the chunker and has rolls on her arms and legs and looks like a chipmunk hiding food in its cheeks

Olivia recognizes our faces and voices.  She can find me in a room full of people

Still angry.  She yells instead of cries

Wakes up every 3-5 hours in the night.  She usually goes to bed around 11pm

Gets colicky in the evenings but is a content little observer early in the day

Read one of her books for the first time the other day.  She studied the pictures in 'We're going on a Bear Hunt'

Will calm down, go to sleep, and burp better for dad than mom

She loves to play with her hair.  When she is upset she will sometimes stroke the back of her hair to comfort herself

Still gets tummy aches easily.  Cutting milk out of my diet has helped a little

Is a little snuggle bunny.  She likes to lay her head against my face while on my shoulder and loves to be held

Friday, July 1, 2011

One Month

At one month old, Miss Olivia Kimber:

-Loves to eat.  She latches on with a 'chomp' noise and eats so fast that she has to pull off to catch her breath
-Still has a stretching routine after a long sleep.  She loves to arch her back and hang her head off our arms or knees to get a full stretch
-Is sleeping in her bassinet finally.  She has a 3am and 6am feeding and is pretty good to go back to sleep after each
-Hates to have blankets on.  She kicks them off unless she is swaddled tight
-Likes to have her arms splayed out to the sides or above her head as she sleeps
-Gives the the most gorgeous, random smiles
-Now has chubby cheeks and rolls on her arms and legs.  I could stare at her cute pot belly all day long
-Has a crazy bad temper.  Livs does not get sad, she gets mad. Her face turns bright red and she will yell at uswhen something is not to her liking.  She cries so hard that it becomes a hoarse wail
-Just like her momma, she gets very warm while she sleeps and sweats when she cries
-She will take a pacifier about half of the time and is a champ with a bottle (she only needs it when grandma babysits)
-She loves to be sung to. Her favorite is Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah. It puts her to sleep
-She is over her carseat and cries herself to sleep when we have to take her in it
-Still loves baths, especially hair shampoos
-Doesn't quite fit into 0-3 month clothes yet
-spits up a lot. Reflux?
-Is amazing with tummy time.  She can hold the whole top half of her body up on her forearems
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