Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dead Tired...I mean 8 Weeks

    Yes folks, we have made it to 8 weeks.  Boy time flies when you are a human milk dispenser. I mean cradle. I mean a human butt wiper :)  Our baby is almost two months.  She is able to communicate a lot better and sure lets us know when she is not content.  We are rewarded with more frequent smiles though and more communicative expressions.  Babygirl is super strong and can hold up her own weight on her legs, hold her head up at all times, and raise up on her elbows or knees during tummy time (not both at the same time, that would be crawling..almost.)  She loves to go outside and still loves baths/showers.  
    We have started enforcing a 10:30 bedtime instead of Livi's preferred midnight.  Most of the time she will fuss from 7pm until bed and during the evenings demands a feeding every 45 minutes.  During the day, if she is not asleep, she requires being held.  She hates to be left alone to just chill and hates laying flat on her back- she always sleeps in her swing seat so she can be propped up.  She weighs in at 13 pounds now (the doc said she should be around 14 at her two-month checkup) and has the most kissable, chubby chipmunk cheeks.  She loves to touch her hair when sad or bored and has discovered how delicious her fists are.  She is not drooly at all and takes her tummy medicine very well.  Both grandmas love to babysit her and she does well with them for the most part.  She has taken a bottle like a pro from the very beginning (only breastmilk), and loves to visit her new cousin, Jaden...oh and still has her deep blue eyes and now looks like a strawberry blonde in some lights (courtesy of aunt Brittain).
Here's our girl at 8 weeks

.....Here are Jack and I at the end of every day

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