Monday, August 29, 2011

Hey there blue eyes...

I can't stop talking/texting/blogging about my baby. It's like word vomit.
My blog is still getting like 24 views a day though so either I'm not as bad as I think, or I have some friends and family that are pretty baby hungry :) Besides, this blog has pretty much been my journal and I will want to remember these things when my girl is grown.

Olivia is a seriously bright and thoughtful baby.  I am amazed to see her learn and experience things on a daily basis.  One day she won't be interested in what I am holding in front of her, and the next she will be reaching for it.  There is nothing like being a mom, nothing else on earth could be quite the learning experience that raising a child is.  I get excited when my baby runs her hand over the buttons on the remote, feeling the texture, or turns her head to find Tucker because she can hear his tags jingling from across the room, and I'm sure I would be embarrassed to see a video of myself trying to get a laugh out of babygirl.  

My body feels like someone else's.  I am 5lbs below my pre-baby weight (yay nursing!) My boobs have grown 2 cup sizes and dropped 3 inches :) My butt is pretty much gone, my arms haven't been this skinny since I was 10-years-old, and my love handles have never been so wide!  I have a completely different view of my body now though.  I don't get so frustrated about the softness of some areas, the couple of stretch marks, or the backne.  I am amazed that my body was able to do something as amazing as bring a human into the world!

 Olivia loves to be held. She is so snuggly and affectionate.  She responds to our voice, tone, and touch.
She also adores having her head rubbed. Her eyes roll to the back of her head and her eyelids flutter. It's cute and creepy at once.
She likes being in busy places. She loves to look at people and hear the sounds
If Livs is laying down, she pulls her head and arms forward, trying to sit. She also loves her Bumbo because it allows her to sit like a big girl.  She dislikes being held on her back like a baby.
When babygirl does a big smile she holds her arms in front of her mouth, almost like she is giving herself a hug.  She can't do a big smile without the arms.
She is learning to kick her legs in the bath water and touch the surface with her hands. I worry about what a daring little fishy she will be at the pool someday.
She has the craziest neck wrinkles. I bet something could get lost in there for a week.  I have to scrub them out every morning so she doesn't accumulate old milk or anything.
Olivia hates to be tickled.  Just like her mom.
She doesn't drool hardly at all but is in a new phase where she makes spit bubbles.
She looks so much like her daddy.
When she wakes up in the mornings she doesn't cry, just starts making noises and 'singing'. If I don't come get her, she'll get louder and louder.

Since she was 8 weeks old she has gone to bed at 9 and wakes up around 7.  Part of this is luck, but most of it is working my butt off to get her on schedule at night.  The daytime nap schedule is a whole other story.  After the whole Babywise meltdown several weeks ago I got a bit too lenient, until it was to the point where she would be up from 11am to bedtime and be cranky as a bear.  I finally knuckled down the past week and she is starting to get the hang of two or three scheduled naps during the day.  She still has to cry herself to sleep before every nap though.

Anyways, I'm off to finish Bachelor Pad with my husband...and probably talk his ear off about the baby some more. 
btw, how crazy is Melissa?  She has to be every man's nightmare.

love, McCall

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Olivia's Blessing Day

In our church we have something called 'baby blessings.'  When an infant is a few weeks old, the parents dress it in a precious white outfit (more for tradition or to symbolize purity than for any religious purpose) and take it to church where close friends or members of the family who hold the Priesthood stand in a circle around the child and the infant receives a priesthood blessing from it's father or other qualified family member or friend.  The blessing mostly contains prayers and hopes for the baby.
  Jack blessed our sweet girl today.  It was a beautiful blessing and a wonderful day filled with love and support from family and friends.  Before leaving the house, we said a prayer that she would be calm and quiet during the blessing.  She fell asleep in her car seat, and when Jack took her up to the front she woke but didn't make a peep until after she was back on the bench with us.  Then she cried for the next hour ;)
   Everyone came to our house for a luncheon while the star of the day took a nap in her nursery.  Her Grandma, aunts, and I were able to take notes, which I will put in her baby book.  I think it will be so neat for her to read everything her earthly and Heavenly Father blessed her with as an infant and strive to receive and recognize those blessings throughout her life.  I felt so blessed to have such a wonderful husband who was able to give her the blessing and who, through the priesthood and other ways, enriches our lives and brings the spirit to our home constantly.

Little Miss was a bit cranky before church, but hey at least I got pictures

Sunday, August 21, 2011

12 weeks

12 Weeks is Olivia's most fun time yet.  I feel like she can communicate a little better what she wants and is on a more stable schedule.  We have so much fun interacting with her and making her smile.  She:

-Still loves baths and showers.  Whenever I undress her she gets super happy because she assumes we are getting in the shower.
-Laughed for the first time right on her 12-week birthday!  Jack and I were both in the room and I was pretending to chomp on her tummy :) cutest laugh ever
-Livs rolled from her tummy to her back the other day, but has yet to repeat it
-When she is trying to do something difficult (pass something from one hand to another, do tummy time for too long) she will get frustrated and yell or cry if she can't do it.  She is a determined girl.
-Babygirl has a hard time taking naps during the afternoon.  However, she sleeps nine hours at night.  Everynight.  9pm to around 6:30 or 7am. She then eats, talks to me for an hour, then sleeps again until 10am.  
-Olivia loves having a lot to look at.  One of her favorite places is Cafe Rio.  She loves standing in line amidst the crowd and noise.
-She also loves being outside for this same reason.  I can usually calm a crying fit by walking around the yard with her.
-Our girl loves to snuggle.  She loves hugs, back rubs, and kisses on her cheeks.
-Most of the time when I undo her diaper to change her, she'll lift both legs up to help me put a new one on.
-She can wear 3-6 month clothing but they are still a little loose so she mostly wears her 0-3 month outfits still.
-Her hair is...interesting.  It's very curly when wet or gelled, is light strawberry-blonde on top and thinning, thanks to her growing head.  She has two bald spots on the sides where she lays, a crazy cowlick that causes it to stand straight up at her crown, and long, thick, dark hair in the back.  I gave her her first haircut the other day to get rid of her little brown ducktail and even it out :)
-Liv's toes are always tightly curled.  Very rarely does she splay them out
-She loves to touch her face and hair, and from the beginning has been very gentle.  She has only scratched once or twice
-Most of the compliments Olivia receives are about her eyes.  They are a brilliant dark blue and so sparkly, with long lashes.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

:) Sometimes when your baby cries a lot, you just have to have fun with it

(if you haven't seen the movie Dirty Dancing, you probably aren't laughing right now)

Saturday, August 13, 2011


There is an unfortunate gene floating around both Jack's and my gene pool.  It is called the 'unphotogenic' gene. It has been known to strike even the most attractive of people in our families.  Photos just don't do them justice.

I am afraid that the gene may have been passed on to our sweet baby girl.  

Olivia is a gorgeous baby in real life, but a lot of photos turn out like these.  

Thursday, August 11, 2011


before and after

We have determined that my milk contains one of the following
-heavy whipping cream
-vanilla custard
-cheese fondue
-buttercream frosting

or possibly, our baby is part chipmunk and goes on midnight pantry raids and then hides morsels of food in her cheeks.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

You are my Sunshine

How can a day go badly when it starts with this?

Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Good Morning

I'm so in love with my baby :)
Olivia usually wakes up around 6:30am and cries out to wake me up so I can go in the next room and get her.  This morning it was the usual; I picked her up, brought her into bed with me, fed her, then wrapped her back up and put her back down in the other room to sleep another hour or so (she sleeps in the other room because she is such a loud sleeper).  So an hour goes by and she cries again.  This time I just laid her in bed next to me.  Because she is now laying flat, she spits up a few times.  Here's the kicker: Livi loves to sleep in bed with me but I never let her because I don't want her to become a co-sleeper, and I think she realized that I would take her out of bed if she was fussy so when she spit up a bunch, she didn't cry at all. I propped her up on a pillow and she lay perfectly still with her hands folded over her tummy to show me how good she was being.  After a while I laid her down against me to eat again and she was grinning ear to ear.  After eating she spit up again on the blanket and down the front of me but fell asleep clinging to me, so for the next hour I just had a warm, wet body pressed up against the front of me.  I'm sure we were both uncomfortable, but were just loving laying in bed together.  Her little personality this early on astounds me and I adore how snuggly she is.  I need to make sure I spend more time during the day laying in bed with her since she seems to love it so much.

I apologize. I told myself I wouldn't let myself become one of those moms who only talks or posts about her kid. It's hard when every second of my day includes her though :)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Sometimes. . .

You just have those days when the hormones are attacking your endorphins and your baby wakes up at 6am and won't go back to sleep so you don't get the chance to go running (for the 5th day in a row) or get more than 6 hours of sleep (for the 70th day in a row), and then when you are teetering precariously on that ledge between holding the emotion in and sobbing like an idiot, she leaks pee all over your lap. 
   Then you go to the pharmacy and she falls asleep in her car seat.  This wouldn't be such a big deal, except you are coming to the difficult realization that, because of her sensitive stomach, she will only nap in her car seat.  And she will only sleep at night in her swing.  And people keep telling you that it is best for her to sleep laying flat and you feel like her car seat and swing are affecting the shape of her head, but when you try to put her down in her bassinet or crib hours of crying ensue. 
   Then you feel like a bad mother because you are dispensing medicine down her throat and you don't know whether it's really for her own comfort in easing the stomach pain and colic, or just so you can get any amount of time without incessant crying and her needing to be held.  So the medicine does help and she is now asleep in her bassinet, but the guilt sets in because you remember how frustrated you got and the medicine is sitting on the kitchen counter taunting you.
   To make matters worse your complexion is as bad as ever from the hormones, you darkened your hair yesterday so you wouldn't have to keep up with roots, and asked your mom to cut you some bangs that you are pretty sure you can't pull off but needed to do something with your hair so you wouldn't feel selfish and ugly.  Also, the number of foods that you can't eat because it gives her a stomach ache are now in the hundreds... so there's hundreds more things to feel selfish about missing.
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