Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Good Morning

I'm so in love with my baby :)
Olivia usually wakes up around 6:30am and cries out to wake me up so I can go in the next room and get her.  This morning it was the usual; I picked her up, brought her into bed with me, fed her, then wrapped her back up and put her back down in the other room to sleep another hour or so (she sleeps in the other room because she is such a loud sleeper).  So an hour goes by and she cries again.  This time I just laid her in bed next to me.  Because she is now laying flat, she spits up a few times.  Here's the kicker: Livi loves to sleep in bed with me but I never let her because I don't want her to become a co-sleeper, and I think she realized that I would take her out of bed if she was fussy so when she spit up a bunch, she didn't cry at all. I propped her up on a pillow and she lay perfectly still with her hands folded over her tummy to show me how good she was being.  After a while I laid her down against me to eat again and she was grinning ear to ear.  After eating she spit up again on the blanket and down the front of me but fell asleep clinging to me, so for the next hour I just had a warm, wet body pressed up against the front of me.  I'm sure we were both uncomfortable, but were just loving laying in bed together.  Her little personality this early on astounds me and I adore how snuggly she is.  I need to make sure I spend more time during the day laying in bed with her since she seems to love it so much.

I apologize. I told myself I wouldn't let myself become one of those moms who only talks or posts about her kid. It's hard when every second of my day includes her though :)
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