Sunday, August 28, 2011

Olivia's Blessing Day

In our church we have something called 'baby blessings.'  When an infant is a few weeks old, the parents dress it in a precious white outfit (more for tradition or to symbolize purity than for any religious purpose) and take it to church where close friends or members of the family who hold the Priesthood stand in a circle around the child and the infant receives a priesthood blessing from it's father or other qualified family member or friend.  The blessing mostly contains prayers and hopes for the baby.
  Jack blessed our sweet girl today.  It was a beautiful blessing and a wonderful day filled with love and support from family and friends.  Before leaving the house, we said a prayer that she would be calm and quiet during the blessing.  She fell asleep in her car seat, and when Jack took her up to the front she woke but didn't make a peep until after she was back on the bench with us.  Then she cried for the next hour ;)
   Everyone came to our house for a luncheon while the star of the day took a nap in her nursery.  Her Grandma, aunts, and I were able to take notes, which I will put in her baby book.  I think it will be so neat for her to read everything her earthly and Heavenly Father blessed her with as an infant and strive to receive and recognize those blessings throughout her life.  I felt so blessed to have such a wonderful husband who was able to give her the blessing and who, through the priesthood and other ways, enriches our lives and brings the spirit to our home constantly.

Little Miss was a bit cranky before church, but hey at least I got pictures

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