Friday, September 23, 2011

4 months

Babygirl is 16 weeks old.  She is at the golden age of 4 months where she is super communicative, smiles easily, and stays where she is put :)

-has a voracious appetite for her hands.  She is always sucking on them, especially her thumb and forefinger at once like she is about to do one of those loud whistles.
-discovered her toes the other day.  She likes to bend over and touch them and will bring them up to her hands when lying on her back.
-is such a smiley, happy girl when she is not tired or hungry.  She wakes up babbling instead of crying, and goes to bed (at bedtime, not for naps) with a smile and a snuggle.
-knows that when she is in her bassinet, it is nap time.  She only cries for a couple of minutes now.
-Still goes to bed between 8:30 and 9, but for the past week has wanted a snack at 5am instead of making it all the way until 7:30.  She then goes back to sleep until 9:30.
-Recognizes both of our voices and will turn her head to the sound.  When Jack was on the radio the other day, she heard his voice and kept turning to find him.
-Follows us across the room with her eyes and turns her head
-Recognizes the sound of Tucker's tags on his collar and will find him in the room
-can stand up while holding only our hands
-can roll from stomach to back and back to stomach when she wants to (which isn't often)
-laughs when something is really funny to her, or when it is shower time
-is going balder on top as her new hair starts to grow in
-covers her mouth to do big smiles
-has super chunky legs and a wrinkly bum
-likes to touch and hold our hands
-loves hugs and kisses
-hates her car seat
-still loves to eat and acts as though she is a fine connoisseur of milk, slowly eating and playing with my shirt or skin
-kicks and splashes in the bath
-wears 3-6 month clothes now
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