Friday, September 30, 2011



1. The mint limeade at Cafe Rio.  Sooo light and refreshing
2. Modern Family. Have I done this one?  I laugh so hard at every episode, and it's a show I can recommend to everyone because it is so clean.
3. The pork pizza at Cafe Paesan.  If you haven't been to Paesan, you need to go. It was started by the chef who came up with and started Cafe Rio (it's the same basic idea but with Italian food).
4. LA nails in American Fork.  They do amazing french tips that last forever.
5. October's Ensign.  It's all about the scriptures (mostly Book of Mormon) this month.
6. Masterpiece Theatre's movie adaptation of Wuthering Heights.  Tasha recommended it to me and it is so well done.  Love that book.
7. A site where you can enter your mile time and it will give you a list of songs to match your running pace.
8. Rimmel's black eyeliner.  The twist kind, not the pencil.  For the days I don't have time for gel eyeliner, this stays put like a pro.
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