Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmasses Passed

There are times when I find myself surprised at the point I'm at in my life.  Sometimes I hardly feel old enough to have a husband and a house and a daughter.  I can't believe how quickly the years go.

The holidays are here again and it doesn't seem like that long ago that I was laying on the top bunk in our house in Brigham City on Christmas Eve.  I leaned over the edge so I could see Hunter, laying on the bottom bunk and told him that I swore I had just heard bells in the distance.  I lay back down and a few minutes later he said he thought he might have heard some clip-clopping on our roof.  It was so hard to sleep that night and we woke up bright and early to see all of the gifts Santa had brought us.

Fast forward a couple of years and we are in the relatively warm southern Utah, watching Brittain tear open her presents.  She got tons more than the rest of us for a couple of years because she was the baby, but we didn't mind.  She brought back the magic of Christmas for me again as we helped her write letters for Santa and leave out carrots for his reindeer.

The hardest Christmas was when I had just turned 18.  I was a senior in High School and my parents had just gotten divorced.  I had moved in with my dad, who was still coping with the loss and who wasn't much of a holiday person anyway.  I woke up on Christmas morning to no tree.  I made myself some cereal and watched TV that Christmas morning.

In college I lived in a huge, rundown house in St George with my four best friends.  Our heater didn't work that winter and every morning before classes I had to make the dash from the warmth of the shower, through the frigid house, back up to my bedroom to crouch in front of my space heater.  We loved that house.  We drew names and bought and wrapped gifts for each other and put them under our sad little Christmas tree with the homemade ornaments.  The day before Christmas Eve, my friends and I had our own Christmas and opened the gifts, then stayed up late talking and eating treats.

On Christmas two years ago, Jack and I were only a couple weeks away from our wedding day.  We brought my family back together again at our condo.  Each family member told the story from the point of view of someone present at the birth of Christ.  It was an incredible experience.

Last year we just barely moved into our house in time for the holiday.  We barely had time to put up a tree and I was just coming off my two months of bed-ridden morning sickness.  We spent our first Christmas as a married couple spoiling each other with gifts and anticipating the next Christmas, in which we'd have a new member of the family.  We savored the time we had as a family of two.

This year we are three.  For so many Christmases before this, I didn't even know these two other people in my life, and now they are my life.

I have had holiday seasons where the gifts were the reason for my excitement.  Ones where I learned the meaning of family,  been so grateful for friends, and experienced strongly the real reason for the season-Christ.  I have never felt so blessed though as I do this Christmas.  I love thinking about how far I've come and can't wait to see what Christmas is like in years to come...but for now, I am appreciating my best holiday season yet.
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