Friday, November 18, 2011

Pammy's Babyday

My SIL is having a baby girl!!! We are so excited.  She and Olivia are going to be besties.  Pam found out she was pregnant only an hour after Olivia was born.  Pam and I are convinced that her baby just couldn't be in heaven without her buddy, Liv.  Anyways...the Austin girls (minus Deb, we missed her!)  Spent the day in Salt Lake while our husbands watched all the kids.  We got pedicures and ate at Z Tejas, which was so fun.  I had never eaten there and it was pretty good, even better though was sitting by their big windows talking with all the girls and watching the snow fall outside.  We then went shopping at the Gateway Mall.

Memories from the day include:
-Pam's nosy pedicure girl listening to our conversations and telling us about her boyfriend ha ha
-Having to practically immobilize Pam in order to pay for her pedicure (Amanda and I split it)
-Our snotty waitress at the restaurant who acted like my special drink request was the most difficult part of her day (Jenny got it too and it was worth all of the waitress's effort ;)
-Splitting the cost of chips and salsa 5 ways
-Amanda getting stern with Kanessa about sneakily paying Pam's lunch bill (Jen and Karen settled it with her)
-Me not hearing Amanda's animated explanation of something at the table
-Hearing about the fun things Karen and Jenny were thinking about getting their kids for Christmas
-Kanessa leaving Natalie with Dan for a few hours for the first time!
-Getting pajama pants with Pam and Amanda for Christmas
-Karen's super cute new outfit
-Jenny pushing past Amanda in Rocky Mt Chocolate (I didn't really get the joke cause I wasn't sounded funny though)
-Pam and I joking that our husbands would be happy with the one small bag we each had from Gap...nevermind the other bags from a few days beforehand.  It was Gap's 'friends and family' event!

We decided that this should become a tradition for every time someone is about to have a baby in the family.

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