Tuesday, December 27, 2011

CHRISTmas 2011

Putting up decorations and the tree
Watching all of our favorite Christmas movies
Family get-together a week in advance at Grandpa Larry and Mimi Paula's
Making my first green bean casserole
Olivia's first stocking.  Grandpa Larry gave her juice and a gift card
Listening to Larry tell about 'The Other Wiseman' 
Getting a compilation of Larry's memories about each child and about his work in the church
Christmas Eve dinner at Carol's with us, Carol, Amanda, and the Woffindens
Olivia as baby Jesus in the Nativity Pageant at Carol's
Adjectives describing Christ
Reading The Night Before Christmas as a family of 3
Putting Olivia to bed and telling her about Santa coming
Waking up at 8 and going to Carol's to open gifts
No snow
Olivia's first dolly, a baby Rapunzel from Grandma Carol
Giving our moms big screen plasma TVs
Christmas morning breakfast, quiche and sweet rolls
Having our own Christmas at home while Olivia took a nap
A handgun for my Mr. and a Michael Kors watch for me
Having my family over for gifts and a lunch of soup and breadbowls
Hunter driving up from St George
Tons and tons of gifts for Olivia
Going to Larry's to wish them Merry Christmas a play a few games

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