Monday, December 19, 2011

Last week was hubby's and my FIFTH annual Christmas Date at temple square and The Roof restaurant.  I can't believe I've loved this guy for 5 Christmasses :) time flies. 

The very first year, Jack surprised me with the date.  Little did he realize that I was fresh off of 15 years of Southern Utah winters and not used to the tundra that is temple square in December.  When he unveiled his plans to hire a horse-drawn carriage to take us around the block, I didn't mask my horror well enough and he conceded and tucked me into his warm beemer instead.

Last year I was three months pregnant and had been sick as a dog.  We crossed our fingers and made the dinner reservation anyway.  I prayed hard all day that my stomach would let me enjoy the date that I was so looking forward to.  It ended up being a wonderful night out and I kept my dinner down like a champ.

This year we left our little one with Grandma and got our date in before it was time for her next feeding (still no luck with the bottle).  It was so nice to have a couple of hours to ourselves and enjoy the spirit of Christmas as we ate fantastic food and sat overlooking the lights and the Salt Lake temple.

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