Wednesday, January 25, 2012

8 months!

My baby is feeling less and less like a baby and more like our independent little girl.  Rounding the corner into 8-month land, Olivia:

-Stands, stands, stands.  Whenever she is near something sturdy, she will grab hold and pull herself up onto her feet.  She loves playing near any chest of drawers because it is the perfect height for this.  I have learned that draping a rice bag (the kind in fabric that you can heat up) over the edge of the drawer will 1)keep it from sliding closed on her little fingers 2) cushion the edge in case of any face bumps.  I still keep one hand on her though, as she is not very sturdy yet. 

-Has no sign of a tooth.  I don't mind, nursing is still a dream and I love her little gummy smile.  I will actually be pretty devastated to see the gums go.

-Will almost surely pass by crawling altogether.  She still hates being on her tummy and will scream for help and flail like an invalid if she tips onto her stomach while sitting and playing.

-Loves her "busy box", a small wicker box full of some toys and some random sensory objects from around the house.  She is so curious and likes to examine and explore new objects.

-Is short and chubby, but is just starting to thin out a bit now that she is more active.  She wears 12-18 month clothes that I have to roll the pants and sleeves on, and size 3 diapers.

-LOVES feeding herself.  We graduated from breastmilk and cereal, to breastmilk, cereal, baby foods, and finger foods.  She pretty much will eat anything we give her.  We bought a highchair last week and it has been a dream to let her chill and eat by herself.  Some of her favorites are: sweet potatoes, wheat bread cubes smeared with baby food, pears, banana, veggie puffs, avocado, and life cereal.  She can pick up small items with her thumb and index like a pro.

-Says 'da da' indiscriminately and 'ma ma' when sad, but we still aren't sure if we can count these as first words.  Olivia loves playing with a yellow duck in the bathtub, which I always point to and say 'Duck'.  The other day I was wearing a shirt with a picture of yellow marshmallow peeps on and she pointed to them and said 'Duh....Duh' over and over. 

-Let's us know when she is bugged or unhappy.  If she doesn't want help standing or playing, she will push my hand away.  If Tucker gets to excited or too close to her for comfort, she will yell at him and shove his face.

-Still gives me lots of kisses and has gotten more generous with Jack.  The kisses are the sweetest part of my day.

-Wakes at 8, takes two naps a day, and goes to bed at 8 with only one nightly feeding now.

-Is always trying to get a smile out of us.  She makes silly noises, grabs my face or just gives me a big grin when she catches me with a serious look on my face.

Something I've learned in the past couple of months is not to compare.  I know some babies Olivia's age are crawling, cruising, sleeping 12 hours at a time, saying words, and have 2 teeth by now.  Sometimes I get weak and think "what am I doing wrong?  Should I force her to be on her tummy?  Am I feeding her the right things?  Am I stimulating her enough?"  But at the end of the day I know that I am doing my best, and to me she is the most brilliant, beautiful, loving 8-month-old in the world and she will get where she is going at her own wonderful pace.
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