Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Aforementioned Wanderlust

The top 5 places I would die to go right now.  If Olivia could just go back to heaven for a week (because in heaven there would be no need for bottles or night time wakings and I wouldn't have to worry)

1. Orlando, FL.  Jack and I went here on our honeymoon and had a BLAST. The only downside what that we saw them building Hogwarts at Universal Studios and couldn't go in!!! I want to go to the WWoHP. (wizarding world of Harry Potter.  I wanted to sound cool, but it didn't look so self explanatory)

2. On a cruise with my best friends!! We are tentatively planning this for July, given there are no extenuating circumstances with our baby or Clar's....or if Tasha doesn't get preg. ;)

3. Hawaii.  I have never been, and the last time Jack went we were dating and broke up over the phone for an unconnected reason and it ruined his trip.  Oops.

4. San Francisco or back to Seattle.  I love the NW coast.

5. Anaheim.  Disneyland again.  With family.  I think we should make this a yearly tradition (back me up Jen and Amanda! Let's get everyone on board!)

In other news, I think we have finally nixed the 4:30am feeding!  It was so hard to let her cry through it, but after 4 nights of willpower, her tummy finally realized that she was 7 months old and didn't need to eat every 4 hours.  The past two nights she has gone to bed at the usual 8pm.  Had her midnight feeding, then slept again until 8am!  Hopefully this is the beginning of a new, more restful, era at the Austin house.
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