Saturday, January 7, 2012


It's a new year!  I can't believe it.  I remember thinking that 2005 seemed so far away cause that's when I graduated.  I feel pretty ancient compared to that :) 2011 was my most life changing year yet because of our little one.  She makes everything different. 

One of the best things about starting a new year is that you can look back and see things that you struggled with and resolve to do better.  I've never been one to make resolutions because I feel too much pressure, but Jack and I have discussed what we would like to accomplish this year and he wrote his down (and is doing great at them!) so I thought I'd make mine concrete so I can work on them.

-The first one is going to sound crazy to some of you.  Because it is.  One of our goals is to not eat out more than once a day.  That's right.  We eat out almost every day.  My husband loves to eat out.  Most of the time it is just sandwiches or salads to go or what not, but nonetheless, it is eating out.  What's even crazier about this is that I love to cook. I feel that it is the thing I am best at.  I've just gotten lazy and busy over the past few months so this leads into my second goal.

-Cook more.  Be organized with my grocery shopping so that I can utilize what we have, make healthy, meals, and throw out less (this will also help with Jack's goal of weight loss...he is also banning candy for himself)

-Get Olivia to sleep through the night!!!!!  A couple of months ago she decided to wake up twice between 8pm and 8am.  I'm okay with the first feeding because it happens at midnight before I go to bed.  I am NOT okay any longer with the 4:30am feeding.  I have been a softie, but no longer.  She'll just have to cry it out.... :(

-Do more with my church calling.  I am the sports coordinator for the Young Women's (the girls in our church ward that are ages 12-18) and our ward has not been at all organized with sports.  I need to take charge and get some things together and help more with teaching lessons and such.

-Make some friends.  I have a hard time making girlfriends because they intimidate me and I can get kind of shy.  I have had the same best friends for years and years, but they don't live by me anymore and I have been kind of lonely.  I need to make some good friends here in the Lehi area though since my other friends don't live close.  I should join a playgroup or something... or just call the girls I do know from my ward and neighborhood and have get-togethers or something.  It's healthy.

-Go running or walking as much as possible.  I already started this week, and it has felt great.  I'd like to run another 5k this year.

-Go on a vacation.  Wanderlust is hitting me big time lately because my love and I traveled so much before Liv came.  We have talked about a cruise with my friends, but if that doesn't work out we might go to DC.

-Transfer this blog to a new, public blog.

-Organize the garage, get our food storage stocked and organized, and some emergency essentials in place.

-Read the scriptures every night with Jack.  He has been really on top of this and it has been so great.
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