Monday, February 27, 2012

St George!!!

I've been itching to go to Southern Utah ever since Olivia was born.  Jack and I used to go down every couple of months to visit my family and friends and just bask in the best city on earth :)  but we have been hesitant to take the 4 hour drive with baby so it has been 9 months (!) since I've made the trip.  We just got Liv a new, upright carseat to accommodate her growing body and decided that it might just be what she needed to be content in the car.  I packed plenty of snacks, books, and toys for her and we scheduled the drive down during her afternoon nap...only to have her wake up after 15 minutes.  We made a couple of stops for her to get out and stretch, get changed, and get fresh air, and other than a 20 minute meltdown right at the end of the trip when she was fed up, she did remarkably well.  Olivia's not one to just cry and cry when she's bored or upset, she's pretty reasonable.  So as long as she was distracted and kept busy, she was fine.  Also, I think she loved facing forward and being able to see us.

Our hot chauffeur
 Baby Einstein on our ipad helped once it got dark
We had dinner at Players with my dad, his wife Jamie, my brother Tony's family, and Hunter, then headed over to the Christmas Suite at Green Gate Village.  For those of you unfamiliar with it, GGV is a hotel that covers a city block and contains renovated pioneer houses that you can stay in.  Ours had a huge jacuzzi tub, so the three of us soaked away our car trip and then relaxed in hotel robes
We put Livi to bed in the cottage's living room and then stayed up watching Law and Order and eating junk food
 Breakfast Friday morning at 25 Main.  They have a killer Acai smoothie bowl with homemade granola on top.

 We got Olivia a bran muffin that Jack and I had to stop ourselves from devouring. It was amazing. 

 best cupcakes on earth
Our hotel was right in the middle of town and we had fun walking everywhere and letting our bones thaw out in the warm sunshine

Of course we hit up Lip Trix and I got cute flip flops.  Olivia liked watching the kids play on the splash pad

The third night we stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn. Jack loved their shower.
 and Liv {kind of} liked the hot warm tub
We had dinners with my best friends, Olivia loved Clar's baby, Taft, and tried to 'hold' him.  Sometimes she doesn't realize she's a baby herself.
 She played with her bf Tasha on the floor for a while before bed
 and then we all played games and laughed and said stupid stuff for a few hours.  I have the best friends everrrrr
Livs was a dream on the drive home (slept for two hours!) and was so happy to be back in her own bed.
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