Monday, February 20, 2012

This is how we do

Work:  I am a little old-fashioned.  When we (I) decided to get pregnant, I told Jack that I wanted his full-time job to be earning money and maintaining our advertising business and my job would be taking care of our baby.  He does very well at maintaining work hours at his desk upstairs, but has wonderful flexibility to have lunch with us, run errands, and spend time with Olivia.  During baby naps I sit at my own desk and do my own part for our company.  He has final say on how we run the business and I have final say on decisions about the little one.

Cleaning:  Jack is a bit more neat and organized than I am.  Sometimes I will clean a room and think it looks nice, only to have him follow behind me and do 10 more things to make it look even tidier :)  During the day we try to put something away right after we use it, and every night before bed we do a quick 20 minute clean up to make sure we don't go to bed with a dirty house.  I'm usually in charge of the master bedroom and baby's room so these are usually the messiest rooms in the house.  Also, our rule is when I cook Jack will clean up the kitchen.

Losing baby weight:  I have been very lucky in that nursing Olivia has literally sucked the baby weight right off me.  I also hardly ever eat refined carbs; only whole-wheat breads, pastas, and brown rice.  I love fruits and vegetables and only occasionally eat fried foods or pizza (which I order as thin crust veggie).  In addition, I walk or run on the track by our house a few times a week.  I reached my pre-baby weight when Liv was 4 months old and an additional 5lbs since.  I definitely still have a few common post-baby body quirks though; namely lots of grey hairs, all of the short wispy hairs around my hairline, and the fact that any butt I once had has migrated to my boobs...which in turn sagged 3 inches.  Also, I have a weakness for baked goods (not candy, which I could never eat again and be fine).  I eat good meals so that I can have sweets every day, just in moderation.

Breastfeeding:  I made the decision to exclusively feed Olivia breastmilk for the first 6 months.  Now, at almost 9 months, she still nurses 5 times in a 24-hour period (every 3-4 hours and once in the night) as well as eating solids.

Weaning: We have decided to follow baby-lead weaning, meaning that I will nurse Olivia until she loses interest.  She loves baby snack foods and finger foods, and somedays is interested in cereal, sometimes not.  I'll continue to let her tell us what she would like to eat and when.

Linguistics:  Thanks to his LDS mission in Puerto Rico, Jack is fluent in Spanish.  When Olivia turns 3, he will start speaking only Spanish to her, while I speak English.  I think it will put her so far ahead to learn another language young, while it still comes easily to her spongy little mind.

Marriage:  I expected a baby to put a strain on Jack's and my relationship.  I'm sure I am very hard to live with when I am under stress or am going on little sleep and there are times when I am in a mood where everything Buba does annoys me.  The fact is though, I think our bond has been stronger than ever.  The fact that I love Olivia more than I thought possible only magnifies my love for my husband.  Every time I look at her I see him and everything he has contributed to this new, amazing part of my life.  At the end of the day, there is no room for games and we don't have the energy to guess what the other is feeling, so it has become imperative that we communicate, listen, and be compassionate and understanding to each others' feelings so that this union can endure forever.
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