Thursday, March 29, 2012

10 months old/Easter Photos

My mom got Olivia this darling dress for Christmas, and it turned out to be the perfect Easter dress.  I thought for her 10-month photos, we'd kill two birds and do some outdoor Easter pics. (these are super low-res so they'd load faster.  So Grandmas and Grandpas, if you want a pic let me know so I can get you a high quality one).  She wasn't in the mood to look at me and/or smile.  Too many tasty sticks and dead leaves around.

Babygirl feels more and more like 'toddlergirl.' 

She finally mastered crawling a few weeks ago and has been on the move ever since.  She travels from room to room, putting anything she sees in her mouth, and pulling things of movie and bookshelves.

She wears size 2t.  Yes, I know, she wears the same size as your kid/nephew/friend's kid who is 2 or 3 and you are shocked.  We love our chunky girl.  All of her 2t clothes fit her girth, but not her length so I have to roll up the sleeves and pants 3-4 times.

She wears size 4 shoes and 4 diapers.

Olivia still has her bright blue eyes that get so many comments and her strawberry blonde hair, which is getting thicker and longer. I now have to pin the front back so she doesn't have little wispies in her eyes!

She can stand against furniture and cruise along on her feet or walk while we are holding her hands.

She loves doors of any kind and will detect one anywhere in the room, then sit in front of it and open and close it.  If it is a cabinet door she will find something to put inside, shut the door, then open it and take the thing out.

She loves Tucker and will follow him around the room.  She is a tough little bruiser though and if he gets closer than she'd like or tries to lick her, she will shove him.  I think she says 'dog'.  It sounds so close to 'duck' though that I can't be sure. 

Livs loves any kind of food now.  She eats all kinds of fruits, vegetables, whole wheats, and yogurt and I have yet to find something she is picky about.  Hopefully she stays this way because feeding her has been super easy and fun.  Her favorite food is still graham crackers, and also green beans, strawberries, and fresh pears.

She has never taken a bottle, but can drink out of a sippy, water bottle, straw, or cup like a pro.

She loves reading books.  Her favorite is Time for Bed and she makes me read it three times every night before she is satisfied enough not to scream when I put it down.

She loves music.  Whenever a fast song or beat comes on the TV or player, she'll stop what she is doing to dance, or she'll beat out her own rhythm on anything hard.

Olivia doesn't like things to be stacked, organized, in a row, or inside a box.  She likes them out and scattered.  Her colorful stacking rings drive her crazy when they are all on the pole.

Still no teeth.

She is very brave and adventurous.  She loves to try new things and hardly ever gets scared.  She likes going to the pool, feeling strong wind/rain/snow outside, touching the cows and horses by our house, attempting stairs, and jump-up-and-scare-you games.
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