Saturday, March 10, 2012

25 by 25

I have:
1.    Loved and been loved unconditionally
2.    Gotten married to my best friend in the temple for time and eternity
3.    Given birth to a perfect baby girl
4.    Played on basketball, volleyball, and softball teams and a cheer squad
5.    Taken ballet, jazz, swimming, cooking, and sewing classes
6.    Walked to the top of St Peter’s Basilica
7.    Run a 5k
8.    Grown my hair to the top of my jeans
9.    Been on a rockstar’s tour bus
10. Para-glided off the Swiss Alps
11. Waded barefoot in the Aegean Sea
12. Overcome heartbreak
13. Kept the same best friend for 19 years (and the other for 9)
14. Learned how to be in a committed, adult relationship that will last
15. Cut into and studied a cadaver
16. Played and won a college Powderpuff game
17. Earned a crown in a city pageant
18. Explored centuries-old ruins and catacombs
19. Been in a nude, European spa
20. Survived a long-distance relationship
21. Eaten the world’s best ice cream
22. Found the perfect peanut butter cookie recipe
23. Kissed a stranger
24. Kissed a girl
25. Had blonde, brown, black, auburn, and purple hair

Bonus: learned that the best life is a simple one.
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