Monday, March 26, 2012

Our Field

 We have an amazing field in our neighborhood where soccer games and practices are held all spring and summer.  It has a paved track running through it, forest trails on two sides, and a path that leads up to a duck pond and benches.  If we ever move I will have the best memories around this field.  Jack and I have had so many conversations on this trail.  When I was very pregnant, I would stroll around the track and think about my new baby, and then at the end this is where I went to try to walk her right out of my body.  When she was a colicky newborn I'd leave her with Jack and put on my running shoes and earphones and go pound pavement to get out of the house and into my head.  Also, it helped with those 40 pregnancy pounds I'd gained. 
     Nowadays, Jack and I love to take our little girl out into the fresh air.  She loves watching Tucker run around and seeing the other dogs and kids, and when 'duck' became her first word, we were excited to show her the real thing at the pond.  Yesterday we spend a gorgeous evening out there, passing friends from the ward and enjoying the warmer weather.

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