Sunday, August 21, 2011

12 weeks

12 Weeks is Olivia's most fun time yet.  I feel like she can communicate a little better what she wants and is on a more stable schedule.  We have so much fun interacting with her and making her smile.  She:

-Still loves baths and showers.  Whenever I undress her she gets super happy because she assumes we are getting in the shower.
-Laughed for the first time right on her 12-week birthday!  Jack and I were both in the room and I was pretending to chomp on her tummy :) cutest laugh ever
-Livs rolled from her tummy to her back the other day, but has yet to repeat it
-When she is trying to do something difficult (pass something from one hand to another, do tummy time for too long) she will get frustrated and yell or cry if she can't do it.  She is a determined girl.
-Babygirl has a hard time taking naps during the afternoon.  However, she sleeps nine hours at night.  Everynight.  9pm to around 6:30 or 7am. She then eats, talks to me for an hour, then sleeps again until 10am.  
-Olivia loves having a lot to look at.  One of her favorite places is Cafe Rio.  She loves standing in line amidst the crowd and noise.
-She also loves being outside for this same reason.  I can usually calm a crying fit by walking around the yard with her.
-Our girl loves to snuggle.  She loves hugs, back rubs, and kisses on her cheeks.
-Most of the time when I undo her diaper to change her, she'll lift both legs up to help me put a new one on.
-She can wear 3-6 month clothing but they are still a little loose so she mostly wears her 0-3 month outfits still.
-Her hair is...interesting.  It's very curly when wet or gelled, is light strawberry-blonde on top and thinning, thanks to her growing head.  She has two bald spots on the sides where she lays, a crazy cowlick that causes it to stand straight up at her crown, and long, thick, dark hair in the back.  I gave her her first haircut the other day to get rid of her little brown ducktail and even it out :)
-Liv's toes are always tightly curled.  Very rarely does she splay them out
-She loves to touch her face and hair, and from the beginning has been very gentle.  She has only scratched once or twice
-Most of the compliments Olivia receives are about her eyes.  They are a brilliant dark blue and so sparkly, with long lashes.
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