Friday, October 28, 2011

5 months

  Our girl is such a little joy.  She is a bright, happy, alert baby.  Her hair is coming in so strawberry blonde (just like her aunt Bee), and her eyes are as bright blue as ever.  She made 77th percentile in height at her last appointment and is super strong, before her injury she was able to stand holding onto things, and boy is she determined.  She wants to sit up by herself so badly and is always trying, she looks like she is doing crunches all day long.  When in her stroller, her head never touches the back because she wants to sit up the whole time.  She also loves to stare at lights or windows and still loves being outside, even now when it is cold.  Livs also loves her books and is interested in the pictures when I read to her.  Going on a Bear Hunt has been a bit hit and she likes it when I do the actions to the noises on her arms or tummy and will point to the different pictures when I point.
  She is in the stage now where she wants to put her mouth on everything.  Lately the front of her shirts are always wet from all the drool she produces while sucking on her hands, toys, blankets, etc.  She has a time slot right before she gets too tired, when she laughs so easily and thinks it is hilarious when we blow raspberries and smiles so wide when we 'fly' her in the air.  She likes to help with diaper changes and will lift her legs up and straighten them at the appropriate moments (she's been doing this since 3 months).  Olivia is fascinated by Tucker and is so interested in what he is doing.  Tucker, on the other hand, is unnerved by Olivia.  
  Livs has been waking up between 4am and 5 for a feeding for the last few weeks, hopefully she can go back to sleeping through the night again soon.  I have been minding these late-night rendezvous less and less though the bigger she gets.  I get so sad when she grows out of a onesie and when I notice that she hangs off my lap a little more when I feed her because she is getting so tall.  I think about when she will be too big to carry or won't want to snuggle anymore, and it makes me appreciate this stage soooo much.  I can't believe it was 20 weeks ago that we met, I feel like we have known her forever. 
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