Wednesday, November 30, 2011

6 Months

I can't believe our girl is six months old.  I can't imagine my life without her.  It's hard to remember how I filled my days before diapers and snuggles and spitty baby kisses.  Every night while I sit in her nursery feeding her, the soft glow of the nightlight on her fuzzy little head, I lament at the fact that a little bit more of her is hanging off my lap. 

One of my favorite bloggers talked the other day about babies resemble a certain animal, which is their spirit animal.  Our Liv is definitely a little bear.  She is often 'hungry as a bear' or a 'cranky bear'.  She definitely knows her mama and would follow me around like a cub if she could walk yet.  As it is, she just clings to me fiercely when she needs comfort or is happy. 

Olivia is very affectionate and loves to snuggle.  When I pick her up from naps or bed, or take her from another person, she will grab fistfuls of my hair and violently pull me in to hold her open mouth against my cheek or chin.  These 'kisses' are the best part of my day.

She loves when I sing to her and will pitch in with her own loud wailing.  She has also discovered that she is in possession of an extremely high-pitched scream that I just know will someday make its appearance during such things as church or quiet stores.

Olivia loves cold things: cold weather, cold water out of a water bottle, and cold rice cereal.  She still prefers long warm baths though, and has learned to kick and splash.  I have never seen a baby move so fast as when her rubber ducky gets away from her in the bath and she lunges forward to snag it.  I have to make sure I am holding on to her super tight.

Livs has no interest in being mobile.  She is not a fan of tummy time and even though she can roll over (I've seen her do it a few times), she won't.  Nor will she try to scoot or crawl.  She started standing up at 3 months and could do it holding on to something with only one hand.  Breaking her leg set her back a bit in that department and she is just now getting comfortable with standing again.

She has learned to 'fake cough'.  Sometimes when she wants attention she'll pull this out, and I'll pretend to be concerned and then she'll smile.

Livs loves to explore and is always so interested in what is going on around her.  She is borderline obsessed with Tucker and also loves other little kids and babies.  I think she likes having others that are close to her size.  She likes to touch other babies' faces and hair and will even hug or kiss them or hold their hand.

She still looks almost completely like Jack, with just a few of my features thrown in-my ears, eyelashes, cheek creases...

Olivia really does get more fun every day.  She is such a bright and contented baby and we have so much fun with her.  6 months has been the best age yet.
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