Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Sunday

Easter was always a big deal in my house growing up.  My mom would always give us gifts in our baskets, as well as candy.  Because it's funny and because I always like to think back on how much I've grown or compare holidays past, or maybe just to make you laugh, here's an embarrassing story:  when I was 11 I saw Titanic in the theatre with a friend (we must have looked 13) and became obsessed with it.  I asked my mom for the soundtrack to the movie on CD. CDs were all the rage and I would feel so cool listening to my favorite movie soundtrack on my diskman.  Easter morning came, my siblings and I found our baskets and hauled them into the living room to go through our loot.  I searched my basket and found, to my horror, the Titanic soundtrack on tape.  My sweet mother, no doubt, thought she would save money and get me something that (to her) seemed just as good.  I threw a fit.  I cried, screamed, and refused to go to church, citing that no holiday should be on a Sunday and that she had ruined my gift.  I was, apparently, a spoiled brat.  My mom and I have laughed at that story many times since and I have apologized profusely, but the memory is still there.  A black mark on this lovely holiday :)

This year Jack and I had a relaxing Easter morning.  He prepared his Sunday school lesson and then we ate fruit, eggs, toast, and juice with Olivia, then put her down for a nap and hid each others' baskets.  Jack got me a Grace Kelley doll for my collection and Rachel Zoe season 4.  I got him Pez for his collection, lots of bathroom toiletries, and tons of candy, since Easter, Halloween, and Christmas are the only cheat days he allows himself candy.
Liv woke up to her basket full of Gerber juice, fruit ropes, star snacks, some clothes, blocks, and a zylophone.  Her toys were a big hit.

also, Jack filled a bunch of eggs with little papers on which he'd typed sweet things that he likes about me

 After church we had Easter dinner at my mom's with my sisters (and Chandler's roommate).  I'm sure Jaden was glad to have Jack there in the sea of estrogen.
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