Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Eleven Months

so my post is a bit late because Olivia turned 11 months while we were in San Francisco!  I wanted to snap a few 11 month pics outside before the light faded, but babygirl was not in the mood to look at me and/or smile.  I'll take what I can get though because I know I won't get around to it for several more days if I wait.

As she turns 11 months Livi:

Has become a little mischief maker.  She has made it her full-time job to empty any and all drawers, boxes, bins, trash cans, and shelves of their contents. 

Knows which things are off limits (laptops, the dog bowl, the pantry) and when I tell her "no no", she will pause and smile at me and then go right for the thing she isn't supposed to get into.

Can pull herself up and stand up alone.  Her record is 10 seconds.

Is still willing to try most foods, and while she may not finish everything, she is definitely not picky.  Her favorite foods this month have been grapes, homemade juice popsicles, smoothies, edamame, hummus on wheat toast, and (still) graham crackers.

Wears 2t clothes, size 4 diapers, and size 4 shoes

Still has bright blue eyes that draw comments everywhere we go, and strawberry blonde hair that is getting longer and thicker.  I love putting different bows and clips in it.

Still has no teeth.  She still has two bumps on the bottom, but I feel like they've given up the fight.

Likes to give me hugs lately.  When I pick her up from a nap or out of the car seat she will wrap her arms around my neck and lay on my shoulder.

Mimics words or phrases we say, but doesn't repeat them.  And calls every animal a "dog" or "duck."  When I try to teach her a new word, she will just say "dog" over and over :/  She has her own language, which she uses to read books or talk to Tucker or her babydoll in.  It sounds like a combination of harsh, guttural German, and yodeling.

Can learn how to do something just by watching now.  She watched me throw her blocks into a bin the other day and started copying me.

Decided recently that she hates getting her diaper changed.  She'll scream and thrash around and I have to hold her ankles tight in order to keep her from getting....ahem...stuff.. on the carpet.

Still sticks to her two-nap-a-day and 8pm bedtime schedule.  I still feed her once a night, sometimes before I go to bed, but if I'm too tired I'll usually just let her wake me up.  Lately she's been sleeping until 9am, which has been heaven.

Needs some shoes to help with the standing/walking thing, but I can't find any I like for her.  After an hour of shopping yesterday, and trying 16 pairs on her, I was frustrated with how ridiculous the choices are for baby shoes we have available to us.  It's as if baby companies are not aware that most babies have very chubby feet, trip easily, and do not want sharp edges digging into their soft skin, or straps that are hard to buckle.  And I'd rather not pay $25 for shoes that my daughter will grow out of in a month.  The search continues.

Feels like the more of my face she can fit into her mouth, the better the kiss.  If she can get my whole nose in, and then bite down, she looks at me proudly like she just made my day.  I pretend I loved it before discretely wiping all of the saliva out of my nostrils.
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