Monday, May 21, 2012


I found this blog the other day that I spent hours reading, it's great if you want to check it out.  Hair has always been a big part of my life.  My mom, two sisters, two cousins, and aunt are all cosmetologists.  I have spent more hours in a cape and foils than I would care to know.  By high school I knew how dye worked, and how to cut a man's hair.  My friends loved it and I saved saved boyfriends countless dollars on haircuts.  So I am by no means an expert, but hair has always been a priority :)

I wash my hair every third day.  This wasn't always the case, when I was young I'd wash it every day because I thought it'd be gross if I didn't.  It's not.  In fact, washing your hair every day is extremely drying and experts now say that once or twice a week is enough.  Every third day is good for me.  Especially with long hair, I need to give my ends time to recoup from the heat of styling and keep my natural oils in balance.  If you are washing your hair every day, try going every other or every third.  It may feel a little oily at first because your body has been having to produce the oil to moisturize your scalp and hair required to keep up with you stripping it down every single day.  Wait it out and it will calm down.

On to my next subject: dry shampoo.  I am relatively new to dry shampoo.  I'm going to be honest and say that the reason I went from washing every other day to every third day had a lot to do with morning sickness...and then having a newborn.  I didn't have the energy or desire to spend that much time on my appearance anymore.  I do happen to have an oily scalp though, so my third day was usually not one I'd spend in public.  I was hesitant to try dry shampoo because I thought it would leave weird flakes or feel build-up-y.  It doesn't.  A good dry shampoo absorbs the oil on your roots and then brushes or messes out and leaves you feeling light as air.  No flakes, no residue.

Here's my regimen: On day one I wash my hair.  I use warm, not hot, water.  Hot water can dry your hair and shorten the life of your color. Only a quarter-sized dollop of shampoo is needed. I work it through my roots only and rinse out.  This first time, it doesn't lather much because it is glomming onto the dirt and product residue on my hair and scalp from the last three days.  After rinsing out the first round, I use another quarter-sized dollop of shampoo.  This is where I get the squeaky-clean-feeling lather.  Rinsing the shampoo through is enough to wash your hair's ends, they don't get much oil from your scalp.  When I condition, I put it just on the ends (well, halfway up each strand since my hair is long) and comb through with my fingers.  I've heard that if you do the final rinse with cold water, it seals in your conditioner and makes your hair more shiny but I don't know if that is true. (note: salon brand shampoos and conditioners really are worth the money.  They last forever and make your hair look better.  Also, use the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair.  Whether it's for colored hair, fine hair, if you need volume, moisture, whatev. it's all out there now.)

I wait until my hair air dries about halfway and then comb some Argan Oil through (not on the roots).  Cara showed me this product (also known as moroccan oil) and it is miraculous at moisturizing and making my hair smooth and lightweight.  A few sprays of smoothing serum (near the ends) and volumizing mousse (roots and ends) and I blow out my hair with a large round-brush.  I then spray heat protectant on and straighten it on a cool setting (you really don't need the hottest setting on your straightener or curling iron.  Find the coolest setting that still gets the job done and use that).

At night I clip my bangs back or wind my hair into a bun on top of my head so that my face oils don't leave my hairline greasy.  The second day if my hair is a little limp I might rub in a tad more mousse and run the blow dryer through to re-activate my styling products and straighten out any kinky pieces with my flat iron.

The next day is dry shampoo day.  I spray it onto my hairline, part, bangs, or around my crown if it is feeling heavy.  Leave it on for a couple minutes and then shake and comb through my roots with my fingers.  I was using Beyond the Zone dry shampoo and liked it alright.  I just ordered Batiste and used it for the first time today so the jury is still out.  I've also heard that Sexy Hair volumizing is good, and my friend Dallas just informed me that Bumble and Bumble is great especially their colored stuff that helps disguise roots.

If you haven't tried dry shampoo you really should.  It has made my life easier.
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