Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

This is the first year I am lucky enough to be counted in the ranks of those women who have the most important job on earth.  I love being a mom.  It is the most challenging thing I have ever done, but I can't imaging feeling more fulfilled doing any other thing.  Although the day was not the relaxing, pamper-fest I had imagined, it turned out to be perfect.

What I pictured my first Mother's day being:
Sleep in while Jack get's up with the baby
Eat breakfast in bed with husband while baby plays quietly on the floor
Put baby down for a nap
Soak in a hot tub with husband
Homemade waffles with fruit and warm syrup
All three of us dressed up for church, gorgeous photo op
Drop flowers off at my mom's and visit
Dinner at mother-in-law's with whole family
Another gorgeous photo with baby and her 3 close cousins
Go home and snuggle up while baby sleeps

What my first Mother's Day was actually like:
Sleep until 8:00 because I'm used to waking up at 7:30
Baby is hardcore teething.  She cries from the time she sees me until her nap at 10:00.
She goes down with the help of baby Tylenol
I spend her whole nap drying my hair and preparing a lesson I have to teach at church (Young Women)
No time for waffles, husband makes eggs and prepares his lesson (Sunday school 12-14 year olds)
While husband goes to teach, baby will not tolerate anything outside of my arms. Cries and cries.
Our printer decides not to print my lesson, I spend my preparation time trying to fix it.
With 5 minutes left, the printer spits out my lesson.  Baby blows out on her dress.
I scrub the dress, throw something churchy on, and head out
Husband takes baby home to nap while I get to Young Women's.  Realize I forgot my object lesson.
After church I didn't plan time for the cake i had to make and we are late getting to both of our moms' houses.
4 wiggly babies under 1.  Not so much the gorgeous photo I had anticipated

Why it was a great day:
Jack wrote me an amazing letter and a super funny photo-letter from Olivia, along with a sweet little book.  My iphone was also my Mother's Day gift, he just gave it to me early.  I love it.
I got to comfort my daughter on a bad day and make her feel better.  It is nice to be needed and loved.
Jack makes the best eggs I've ever had.  And he watched I Don't Know How She Does It with me
My church lesson.  I discovered that when I wing it, I become hilarious.
Spending time with my mom.  She gave us a sweet book and I love watching her with Olivia
We got to have dinner with all of Jack's siblings and their families and got some great (and wiggly) photos
Seeing Olivia enjoy her cousins
A very thoughtful gift from Jack's mom
My last-minute cake was delicious
ALL of dinner was delicious
A tuckered-out Olivia was out like a light and Jack and I got to eat snacks in bed while watching the Survivor finale.

My grumpy girl and letters from husband

 Jacee (4 months), Emree (7 months), Natalie (10 months), Olivia (11 months)
I'm sure you've noticed the great increase in size as you get to our girl :) she gets it from my side.  We decided she'll be the other girls' bodyguard.  A very cute and feminine bodyguard mind you.

The wonderful mamas in my husband's family, with their babies

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