Monday, May 28, 2012

My One-Year-Old

Dear Olivia,
I can't believe a whole year has gone by since you and I first locked eyes on each other.  Not because the time has gone so fast, but because I can't recall my life before I held the role of "mom".  You have changed my whole perspective on the world, love, the meaning of why we are here on earth, important use of time, and what it means to be selfless.  I never thought I could be so fulfilled spending all of my time and energy on another person.  The truth is the more I give you, the more I want to give you.  And in return you light up my days with sunshine and make me feel like the most important person in the world (your world); it does wonders for my self-worth.  You have turned me into the most emotional person in the world and I can't help but get choked up every time I see you laugh hard at something, or turn your face toward the sun to feel it's warmth, or learn something new and put it into practice, or fall and bump your head, or even just when I observe you playing quietly by yourself- making up stories and songs in a language only you can understand.

You are incredibly affectionate and give the best hugs.  Lately you will pat me on the back like an aunt I haven't seen in a while and it makes me smile every time.

You have a bright and sunny disposition, but your temper has quite the little flare-ups when you get frustrated or angry trying to do something (just like mom) and you have started to throw things to show how frustrated you are (just like dad when he was young).

You love to read books but just lost the privileges to all but your board books, ever since poor Little Engine that Could lost a page to your overzealous little grasp.

You love all animals and will make friends with passing dogs on walks.  When Tucker is in his kennel, you like to keep him company by sitting in front of it and talking to him.

You love to play with your cousins but are not so good at sharing with those smaller than you and we often have to remind you numerous times that Natalie does not wish to have her eyes poked out.

You love to dance to any music that comes on.

You can give high-fives, point your index finger to show that you are "one" (a feat I strategically started working on a week ago so that my little show-pony could be ready to amaze the crowd on her birthday *smirk, smirk), and will clap when you do something impressive or when someone else sings, does a trick, or when you hear applause.

You can pull your Duplo Legos apart when we build stuff and will help clean your room by puttin them away in their bin, put other toys in their bins, and help nest your blocks in each other.

You take a two-hour nap at 10am, one at 3pm, and sleep from 8pm to 8am (with a midnight feeding).

You love to eat pretty much anything.

You went to see the dermatologist the other day and he said you have eczema.  We got you a prescription creme and are trying different lotions and oils.

You wear 2t-3t and size 4 shoes and diapers.

You are 93% for height at 31" and 97% for weight at 26 lbs.

You are standing up by yourself like a champ and can take steps when holding onto something.  You took your first steps by yourself last night!

You have a forced "courtesy laugh" that you use when you hear other people laughing.

Lat night dad and I laid in bed and talked about where we were a year ago at that very moment.  I said "we were in the hospital.  I was just getting the epidural and our whole world was about to change." We love you so much and are so grateful that you were chosen to come to our family.  YOU, my dear, are my greatest accomplishment, but even I can't take credit for how wonderful you are.  That is 100% your own doing.  I am sad to let go of my baby Olivia, but so excited to have toddler Olivia and experience with you everything your second year entails.



{these days it is hard to get a sharp photo of my little wiggle-worm, and she has decided the camera does NOT deserve her smiles.  This is why this lower right photo of my darling girl melts my heart}
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