Thursday, June 28, 2012

13 months

sorry if the partial nudity offends anyone, the halter on her top was driving her nuts and this little shoot was super impromptu.

13 month info:

Height/weight: 31"/ 27lbs
Clothing size: 2T
Shoe size: 4
Favorite food: watermelon, cottage cheese, fish
Favorite toys: dolly with the plastic head, Duplo Legos, Little People Noah's Ark
Sleep schedule: 8pm-7:30am (we cut out the last nighttime feeding! More on that later) Nap at 10am-noon and 3pm-4:30pm
Words: Call's to "dada" when she wants him or when he enters a room, "Tucker," "dog," "duck," "deedee" (dolly).
Nursing: 8am, 10am, 2:30pm, 8pm
Favorite show: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Little Einsteins

Today, on her 13-month mark, Olivia cut her bottom two teeth!  Finally!! These two tiny teeth have been causing her distress for what seems like forever.  I will miss my girl's gummy little smile, but I have to admit she already looks so cute with some pearly white showing through.

Olivia has her very own little pink kiddie pool in the backyard.  Whenever we go out to play in it though, she'll climb out and go play with Tucker's kennel instead, putting her pool toys inside and shutting the door then opening it and taking them out again.

The other day she got into her bag of hairbows and flowers and I watched discreetly from the other room as she took each one out and tried to set it on top of her head.  Later that day, she found one in the car and tried to put it on Jack's head.

She loves other kids and babies, she loved being at the reunion last weekend and spending so much time with her cousins.

She's a tough cookie and doesn't get phased when other kids push her down or when her dad uses his booming voice jokingly.  She just smiles.

She quite the speed crawler, can stand for long periods of time by herself, pick things up off the floor while standing, walk while holding onto something, and even take a few steps on her very own.

Liv likes when she can find two of the same thing to hold, one for each hand, and will crawl around on the objects (two balls, two toilet paper rolls, two shoes, etc.) this is why she loves her LP Noah's ark so much. Two of each animal.  The other day she came across the salt and pepper shakers and was thrilled.

She loves dogs and will make friends with any passing dog when we go out in public.  It's very scary for a cautious mama, but usually by the time I'm able to get around the stroller she's already stroking the dog's face.  People are always surprised at how fearless she is, but I'm afraid this bravery may result in a mangled hand one day.

She definitely has her own language and speaks it as though we can understand.  When she wants something she will point and chatter about it.  If I don't understand right away, she speaks louder and louder.

Olivia is awful in church.  I think it's hard for her to see all of the other kids and not be able to go play with them.  I dread taking her every week.  Last week when I tried to placate her with one of those squeeze pouches of fruit puree, she managed to cover all three of us in it in one quick squeeze.

She can drink out of a sippy, cup, or straw and loves cold water.  She hasn't mastered a spoon or fork yet.
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