Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Austin Reunion 2012

Jack has 6 siblings.  5 of them are married.  He has 19 nieces and nephews.  Once a year his very large family gets together under a theme and makes and eats good food, has crazy activities,  films random movies, and stays up until all hours playing board games.  They then file off into different rooms of his mom's house and sleep for a few hours before starting over the next day.  It is loud, messy, crazy, and so much fun.  Jack's oldest sister, Jenny, was in charge this year and the theme was...well.... eggs. :)  The point being that eggs were the symbol of Easter and....stuff.  We had many activities involving eggs.

My favorite part of these get-togethers is spending time with all of the girls.  I especially feel part of the club now that Olivia is here and I can exchange stories, tips, and frustrations about the joy of being a mom. A typical scene at the reunion would be: the women sitting around the table or in the kitchen talking, the four baby girls napping in different rooms in the basement, the kids running around the backyard, and the men inventing some random game involving throwing a ball back and forth over the house.

I'm an extremely light sleeper and have passed this annoying trait onto my little girl, so when it got dark I'd tote her home and put her in her own bed then prepare things for the next day and have some nice alone time.  Jack would stay at his mom's until all hours and then sneak quietly into our house.

Now that it's over, I miss everyone.  I can't wait until next year!

Olivia's favorite part was being able to walk around naked and eat as much watermelon as her little belly could hold.

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