Sunday, June 3, 2012

a day at the splash pad

We had lunch the other day with some of the girls in Jack's family and their kids.  Olivia's cousins wanted to go to the splash pad after and I wasn't sure if Livs would be down for crawling around and getting sprayed in the face, but she was quite the little champ.  She'd sit in front of a squirter and wait for the water to come out, then stick her hands and feet in it.  She loved watching the other kids run around screaming.  We topped off the trip with Dole whips from Provo Beach Resort, and it turned out to be a fantastic summer day.  I love having a child to experience summer with.  There was nothing better than looking into the backseat and seeing our happy little girl, greasy with sunscreen, sticky with Dole whip, colored and tired from the sun :)

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