Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dear Jack

It is your very SECOND Father’s Day!!! :)  I don’t know what I could write that I haven’t already said to you but I don’t mind saying it over, and you will probably hear very similar things from me in the next 70 years as long as you keep up the good work.

You are amazing.  There is no way I could have found a better husband, and a better father for my little girl.  You have given so much to Olivia and I love seeing you play with her every day.  I love that I don’t have to worry when you are with her, because I know that not only is she in good, safe hands, but that you usually drop what you are doing to play with her and make her laugh and help her learn (even when you should be working!)

 She loves you so much.  I never hear so much excitement in her voice as when she is screaming ‘Dada!!’ at the top of her lungs upon seeing you come into the room.  She definitely loves playing toys with you more than she does with me (maybe because I play Legos like Grandpa Larry and make the tigers growl and such). 

Since the moment we stood in the bathroom, staring at those two little pink lines, you have been nothing but attentive, sweet, and steady in your role as father.  Olivia is the luckiest baby on earth.  Her daddy loves her more than any other dad loves their baby.  He can see her any time of the day or night, he buys her anything her little heart desires.  Seeing how much you love her makes me love you even more. 

You are also very thoughtful and caring to me when it comes to Olivia.  I know that I can share anything I feel about being a mom and you will listen and help and not judge.  You are always so willing to help with anything I need, whether it be watching her while I go out or waking up with her so I can sleep in. 

I love you so so so much.  You are an amazing husband and father and Livs and I are so lucky to have you.

Happy Father’s Day

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