Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Things we've done lately. Via iphone pics.

My mom graduated with her Master's in Marriage and Family Therapy as VALEDICTORIAN OF HER CLASS!!  Her kids couldn't be more proud of her.  She hasn't eaten or slept in about 4 years, and definitely earned the honor.
Jack and I left Liv with his sister and saw this little number. We got there during the previews and, at first glance thought we could have our pick of seats.  We soon came to realize that what appeared to be a vast number of empty seats were actually occupied by small children.  We, in fact, had our choice of first, second, or third row. I really liked the movie, despite the permanent damage to my neck.  I'll admit, part of the fun was hearing the sobs of small children echo throughout the theatre every time someone got chased by a bear *snicker snicker*.  Is it evil that I thought it was cute?
 Olivia was visited by the Chick-fil-a cow on a visit through the drive-thru.  He tried to give her five and she shoved his hand hoof away :/  what a sweet girl. I think she just lumped Mr. Cow into the same category as an overexcited Tucker (our French Bulldog) who needs a firm hand when he gets too close to her.
 We walked around Temple Square with some of Jack's siblings and their kids.
(ps. don't let your kids climb on the Christus statue like this mom...who even saw it as a photo op. I've got proof, lady!)

 of course I'm probably not much better. I let my kid cool her feet in one of the fountains.
 mine is the delicious little stroller-monkey with the chunky legs
 We toured the Taffy Town factory and ate our fill of incredibly fresh, soft taffy.  Nothin' cuter than a baby in a hairnet :) wish I could say the same for myself.  Avert your eyes...
 Every year my SIL Jenny's family spends a few days in Park City, and every year we crash it.  They pretend not to mind.  
The Marriott Mountainside is by far our favorite place to stay.  They just installed fire pits near the hot tubs so you can sit in big, wooden rocking chairs and roast marshmallows in the cool mountain air at night.  It was magical.  Jack spent most of the time handing out our goods, trying to convince our fellow s'mores makers that the mallows taste much better between two Keebler fudgestripe cookies rather than chocolate and grahams (a trick I learned from my friend, Tasha.  Try it, you'll never go back.)
 Little One loved the kiddie hot tub 
 ...and eating wood chips in front of the hotel. Yum.
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