Saturday, July 7, 2012

a post note on hair

The other day while i was sitting in The Chair getting my hair colored, my colorist and I were talking hair (of course).  I said something about how I only put conditioner on the bottom half of my hair and she thoroughly chastised me.  She says that I should be conditioning my hair roots to tips and that it would a) make my hair softer, b) keep my scalp from having to produce too much oil, and therefore, c) allow me to go longer between shampoos and have to use less dry shampoo, causing less buildup.  So I am here to withdraw my statement in my earlier Hair post and apologize for leading you astray.  Condition your whole head. (I still only lightly condition my roots though and more heavily rub it into my ends).

also, I know you all have your own process for straightening/blowing-out your hair hair (mine as you know is volumizing mousse, drying sections with a huge roundbrush, and my CHI), but I came across this post this morning and thought I'd share.  Maybe I'll try it :)
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