Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I feel like too often I am looking ahead to the next thing instead of enjoying what is here and now.  Several times a day I find myself thinking that I can't wait for Olivia to walk without falling, or be able to play on playgrounds, or tell me what she wants.  This morning I regretted ever wishing to hurry things.  I was playing with Livi's hair and was able to pull it back into a tiny ponytail.  It was sad.  My baby looked like a little girl with her hair pulled up (also it didn't help that she is basically the size of a two-year-old), and I wanted time to stop.
Also, Olivia is walking now! As if the ponytail wasn't enough to adjust to...  She is still very wobbly, but would now rather be on her feet than her knees, and even prefers it to being held (which is inconvenient in stores where she proceeds to pull everything off of the shelves, or the other day when she insisted on walking/falling through a filthy park we were at, and then promptly landed in a mud puddle in her new BabyGap shorts).

Also, we are going on a month now with Olivia sleeping through the entire night!!  I had previously let one night feeding linger, and would usually feed her before I went to bed around midnight.  However, our pediatrician told us that she should be able to sleep through the night by 1 year and I knew that at some point we may want to leave her with someone overnight.
   The first night of operation Sleep Through the Night she woke up around 1:30am wanting to eat.  I let her cry for about 5 minutes then went up and held her for a minute (all of the books say not to pick your baby up out of her crib when comforting, but Olivia just gets worked up more when I try to comfort her without picking her up, so this works for us).  It was difficult for her to understand why I wasn't feeding her and she kept trying to nurse while I held her.  When I put her back in her crib without feeding, she screamed and screamed.  I went downstairs and let her cry for another ten minutes, then went up and fed her.
    The second night I did the same routine, but let her cry for ten minutes before picking her up to comfort her.  I then put her back in bed without feeding and went downstairs, let her cry for fifteen minutes and then went up and fed her.  On night three when I went up to comfort her she didn't try to eat, she just let me hold her and she stopped crying.  I put her back in her crib and gave her twenty minutes this time before I went back up to feed her and by the time the twenty minutes had lapsed, she had fallen back asleep.  No nursing :)  For the next few nights she either woke up to cry and then went right back to sleep, or slept clear through the night.
   A week later, she mysteriously started waking up again in the night (I think teething had something to do with it).  I simply repeated the process, and by night three she wasn't waking up at all, and hasn't since.  8pm-7:30am she sleeps soundly.  It has been a dream.

She has had diarrhea for about two weeks now (sorry for TMI, but this is a baby blog. Get over it ;).  She hasn't seemed to feel sick so I thought maybe she had a bit of lactose intolerance since she hasn't been on cow's milk for very long, so I cut out all dairy.  No improvement.  I finally called her pediatrician this morning and was told that since she has been on cow's milk for 5 weeks and only had diarrhea for two weeks, it probably wasn't the dairy and that most likely she got a random bout of diarrhea and then her body hasn't been able to regain the healthy bacteria in her system.  I was told to give her a high-fat, high-protein diet and some probiotic yogurt.  Today lunch consisted of grilled cheese sandwich, chicken nuggets, and yogurt.  Hopefully it helps and by tomorrow I won't be changing a diaper every two hours and worrying over a sore bum :(  I felt bad that I had been depriving her of the things that would ultimately help with the problem (yogurt, and anything fatty), but once again it is all part of the learning experience.
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