Friday, July 20, 2012

things you should know about me.

1. I hate to put on makeup.  I will wipe on, with my fingers, as quickly as possible, the minimal amount necessary to avoid looking like the walking dead.  I also hate shopping for it.  I still have no idea how to find the right color of foundation.

2. I also am not a fan of shoes.  I know this goes against every drop of estrogen in my body, but shoes are boring to me.  If I was told that I had to throw away all but one pair of my shoes, I would be totally fine.  I could wear black flats every day...I guess I'd need my running shoes too.  So all but two pairs would be fine :)

3. I develop intense crushes on fictional characters.  Jack Jackson, Christian Grey, and Neil Caffrey to name a few.

4. When I wash big dishes by hand I put them away without drying them.  They always air-dry in the cupboard so no harm, no foul.

5. When I read, I mirror the expressions of those I am reading about.  My 4th grade crush pointed this out to me on the schoolbus when I was a kid.  I stopped reading in public.

6. I am paranoid about sharing my baby names with others.

7. I eat dessert every day.  I make sure my meals are super healthy to accommodate for the extra calories.

8. If I have a hard time learning to do something new or if it takes me a while, I get very angry.  Like full-on adult tantrum.  It's Jack's favorite thing about me.....not.  :)

9. I have a very hard time making friends and I get intimidated around other girls.  Luckily I have the best girlfriends in the world and we will be close until the end of time.

10. I hate to clean our bedroom.  It is always the most cluttered room in the house.

11. I get extreme anxiety about leaving Olivia with babysitters.

12. I cry easily since having Liv.  I can't even watch the trailer for Titanic or listen to Phil Collins' You'll be in my Heart without shedding a few tears.

13. I have tons of collectible Barbies.  Jack has taught me to leave them in the boxes.  It has been hard for me to do.

14. I can't swallow gum.  I feel like it gets stuck.  One time when I was cheering at a football game in high school I had to get rid of my gum.  The cheerleaders had been warned not to spit our gum out on the track so my best friend swallowed it for me.  That's why she's my best friend :) Nowadays if I am stuck somewhere with gum and nowhere to put it, I will kiss-pass it to my husband.

15. I  hate, Hate, HATE the f-word.

I'll add more if I think of some.  Learn more weird things about me here
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