Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I have decided to enable comments on my blog.  Like most new moms, I have had a lot of questions and would love to get answers via comments so that everyone can see the input instead of me hoarding great advice in my email inbox or on Facebook.  So go ahead and leave me advice, answers, stories, or just some love.  I realize that past posts won't have comments, but I will be reading any and all and responding so feel encouraged to comment on previous posts also.

Mostly I blog to keep record of the things Olivia does and keep track of photos.  I think it will be so cool for her to read my posts someday and see what our family was like when she was young.  I'm not so great at keeping a written journal so to me, this is sufficient.

As a bonus, have felt a great deal of support from people who actually find my life interesting enough to read about!  I love when someone says that they appreciate or can identify with something I have written.  Having comments is just another way to connect with other moms/women/humans. . . .

So anyway, thanks for giving my blog the time of day and I'd love to hear from y'all.
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